Storm has killed 50 people in Canada and the United States

sThis increases the death toll of at least 50 associated with Hurricane Elliot, which continues to batter the United States and Canada, leaving many homes under snow and tens of thousands of homes and private power companies.

The US recorded 46 deaths, 18 of which were in New York state, where the city of Buffalo was hit by severe frosts.

According to the National Weather Service, nearly five feet of snow fell at the Buffalo airport on Sunday. South of the city, about two to three inches of snow fall per hour.

Hurricane victims in the region included people found in driveways or out of cars as rescuers battled through the snow for help.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul said nearly all of the city’s fire trucks were stranded, calling it “the most devastating hurricane in Buffalo’s long history.”

The Buffalo police department even appealed, via an online publication, to residents to avoid driving, as roads are impassable and search and rescue facilities are “severely limited”.

Air traffic is also affected by weather conditions. Thousands of domestic and international flights have been canceled in recent days.

Even though 94.5% of Erie County residents and 87% of Buffalo residents had seen their electricity restored late Sunday, there were still 12,000 homes without power and many had no power or heat back on before Tuesday.

The forecast for Monday is continued snowfall and low temperatures in Buffalo, according to the National Weather Service.

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