Storm in Canada leaves a trail of destruction and at least 5 dead | World

The storm that hit Canada on Saturday (21) killed at least five people and damaged urban structures in the Ontario region.

According to a bulletin from the meteorological service, there were also a group of injured people and at least 350,000 people lost power due to transmission network failures.

“A very strong storm developed near Sarnia early Saturday and moving northeast over southern Ontario towards Ottawa late Saturday. Wind gusts were reported over most of southern Ontario as the major storm passed,” the preliminary report said.

Winds reached more than 130 km/h, knocking down power lines, uprooting trees and destroying houses. Residents of the region shared images of the damage on social networks with #ONStorm, at the request of the meteorological service. (see below)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to social media on Sunday.

“The storms that hit Ontario and Quebec yesterday caused serious damage, claimed several lives and left many people without power. We are thinking of all those affected and grateful to the teams working to restore power – we stand ready to provide federal support if needed,” Trudeau said. .

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