Stroll explains his injury and guarantees his presence at the Bahrain GP

The Canadian had to undergo surgery on his right wrist, missed pre-season, but was cleared by doctors to race

Spear Stroll is confirmed at the Bahrain GP, ​​the season premiere of Formula 1 2023. After missing the pre-season due to a bicycle accident, the Canadian Aston Martin told what had really happened and talked about the release of the doctor from FIA run.

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On February 20, the team released a statement about the pilot’s accident. In the note, he did not mention the date of the event, nor the degree of the injury and what – in fact – had happened. Stroll was unable to take part in pre-season testing and gave way to Felipe Drugovitch.

The Brazilian’s presence at AMR23 and doubts over Lance’s fitness have left the Brazilians anxious for Felipe’s debut in the category. However, this Monday, Aston Martin confirmed the presence of the Canadian in the cockpit. During the traditional press conference which precedes the first day of the race weekend, Stroll told what had really happened and removed doubts as to the degree of the wrist injury.

“I had surgery on the right side and the left side is a bit bruised,” he revealed. “I fell off my bike and broke my wrist. On the right wrist it was just a minor procedure, but yes there are screws. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation was enough to get me here “I had my operation on Monday – not this Monday the 11 days ago. I left the cast this Thursday and a week ago started rehab.”

One of the main mysteries surrounding Stroll and the bike crash was the date of the incident. The announcement surfaced on the 20th, but on the 13th the Canadian was present at the car’s launch for 2023 – raising doubts about the correct day and timing of everything. The pilot finally explained why he wanted to keep things “confidential”.

“It was a private matter. I had a lot to do. I was going to surgery, I was dealing with rehabilitation. I didn’t have a clear answer as to how long it would take to recover and I I was completely focused and motivated to get here to Bahrain. . That’s where my head was.”

To race, the Canadian needed permission from the FIA ​​doctors, which happened without much fear: “Well, I was cleared by the doctors and they are convinced that I can race and that the My bones are fine. Yes, they are fine. I was in the yes yesterday, the day before yesterday, I feel very strong.”

Finally, when asked if there was a possibility that things might not work out with regards to fist fitness, Stroll didn’t hesitate: “I just want to have every chance to run, if I feel that I’m fit enough to run If I feel a little awkward, I’ll do it If I feel like I’m not smart, if I feel like I might hurt myself more, or if I feel my bones weren’t ready, I wouldn’t.”

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