Student drowns in Canada during live broadcast

This case is registered last Thursday (18), when 24-year-old Helen Nyabuto, a student student exchange in Kenya studying nursing in Canada, enter the pool to swim. He ended up recording his own sinking live streaming videos on social networks.

Hellen started the broadcast around 2pm, responded to followers and went for a swim in the deeper part of the pool. based on canada portal CBCin the video posted on the young woman’s Facebook, it may be heard that she screams for help, a few seconds after disappearing from the frame.

After he drowned, the live broadcast continued until 5pm, when another hotel guest found the body in the pool and ended the video. According to Ontario Police, the incident was recorded before 5:45 pm, more than half an hour after Hellen’s body was found in the pool. The rescue procedure was applied but he declared dead on the spot.

To bring the girl’s body back to Kenya, relatives created virtual cat. In three days, they collected 54 thousand Canadian dollarsenough to move the body buried in Weekend.

Procedures are being made by Canadian police so Video of the drowning of the young girl was removed from social media with respect to family.

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