Sunak with a clear warning to Putin

Biden: – Zelenskyj has made promises to the US

US President Joe Biden addresses the press on the last day of the G7 meeting in Hiroshima, Japan.

– We are united in our relationship with China. We don’t want distance, Biden said.

In his speech, the president explained that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had made strong promises to the US.

– I received clear assurances from Zelenskyj that they would not use planes to fly to geographical areas of Russia, but wherever there are Russian troops on Ukrainian soil they will be able to do so, Biden said.

Ukraine’s president says he believes Kyiv will take delivery of F-16s from the West to protect his country from Russian aggression.

Several media outlets recently reported that the US had agreed to allow the allies to send their F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine, without any official confirmation of this.

Speaking at the same time as Biden, Zelenskyj took the opportunity to reassure everyone that Bakhmut was not completely occupied by Russian forces.

– Today they carried out a very important task, they were in Bakhmut today. I can’t say where they live. But this means that Bakhmut has not been conquered by the Russian Federation at this time, Zelenskyy said of Ukrainian troops in the area.

On Sunday, there was complete confusion following an interview with Zelenskyj, in which he was asked two conflicting questions at the same time – and answered one of them.

When asked if he believed Bakhmut was still in Ukrainian hands, or if Russian troops had taken the town, he replied:

– I do not believe.

Read more about this case here: Zelenskyj: – Bakhmut was destroyed

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