Taiwan detected 103 Chinese military aircraft near the island, a new record

Taipei, 18 September 2023 (Day after tomorrow) — Taiwan said today that it had detected 103 Chinese military aircraft near the island’s coast within 24 hours, a new record, at a time when Beijing is intensifying military activities in the region.

According to official data released by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, this is the highest number of Chinese military aircraft since April 10, when the island detected 91 aircraft off its coast.

In a statement, the ministry also said today that it detected, in the 24 hours ending at 06:00 (23:00 on Sunday in Lisbon) nine warships in the vicinity of Taiwan.

The statement highlighted that 40 Chinese planes crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait, the unofficial demarcation zone between China and Taiwan.

In response, Taiwan sent its own aircraft, ships and missile systems to respond to this activity, according to the military.

Two weeks ago, United States and Canadian warships passed through the Taiwan Strait, challenging China’s territorial claims.

A week ago, Beijing sent a naval formation led by the aircraft carrier Shandong about 70 miles (110 kilometers) southeast of Taiwan. According to official Chinese agencies, the ships carried out simulation exercises against attacks launched by aircraft, submarines, warships and land facilities.

China and Taiwan have lived as two autonomous regions since 1949, when China’s former nationalist government took refuge on the island, following their defeat in a civil war against communists.

Beijing considers Taiwan part of Chinese territory and threatens violent reunification if the island formally declares independence.

In recent years, Beijing has begun sending ships and warplanes near Taiwan almost daily.


By Impala News / The Day After Tomorrow

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