“That’s in the past”: FalleN expresses old disagreement and receives praise from Jonji: “I’ve watched you all my life” | DRAFT5

Many fans haven’t forgotten the rift that built up in the tortuous online era, which saw Jonathan”JonjiCarey became one of the main executioners of Brazilians during 2020, when he was still acting under banner from controversy Chaos.

He, who came to publicly offend a few players back then MIBR led by GabrielfallNToledo, did not escape the ridicule after the defeat in front Imperial Professor last Wednesday (13).

A 22-year-old Canadian, who today defended Party Astronautfinally surpassed by the previous one Last dance in a duel that deserves a place in PGL Major Antwerp 2022 and, due to criticism, he finally expressed himself on his social network:

To answer all the Brazilians who come to my DMs: I’m dancing right now, I played against a team of three Major champions and got caught more than you can“, fired the player.

I’m in a beautiful country playing the game I love. I have tried my best to rekindle my relationship with the region. No hard feelings. Good game“, pointed out Jonji. By the way, FalleN didn’t take long to reply:

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It’s all in the past“, assured the Righteous.”Pleased to meet you. With a little more encouragement and structure, they could go far in the future. I hope people support the North American team more, starting with you“, said the Brazilian.

Jonji, like the others, finally succumbed to the veteran genius: “Thank you legend! I saw you all my life, shaking your hand and hugging you is almost unreal. Thank you very much and good luck in the Major“, pointed out the Canadian.

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