The fire broke out on the Canadian frigate


FIRE: On Thursday morning, a fire was reported on the Canadian frigate HMCS Fredericton. Here are ships in the Adriatic Sea in 2015.

HMCS Fredericton was en route to train FLOTEX and was off the coast of Nord-Trøndelag when a fire broke out and the ship suffered an engine failure. The fire had been extinguished, and the engine was running Thursday morning.

– There has been a fire on board a military ship, spokesman Ivar Moen at the operational headquarters of the Norwegian Armed Forces (FOH) told the Norwegian Armed Forces forum.

Past VG who first reported the fire.

Moen said that the main rescue center was leading the operation, but stated that the fire was out and the ship was moving forward.

– We have been supporting with other vessels in the area, he said, adding that there was challenging weather in the area.

The main rescue center was notified of the incident before 5 Thursday morning. Acting account manager Asbjørn Viste told the Defense Forum.

– It goes out pretty fast and the ship runs on its own power, says Viste. He added that the incident took place in Frohavet west of Trondheim.

FOH stated that it was the Canadian frigate HMCS Fredericton. An update on Facebook on Nov. 15 confirmed the ship was in Kattegat in connection with exercises with NATO allies:

The frigate is part of NATO’s Standing Maritime Force 1 (SNMG1), one of four NATO navies. This is what NATO spokesman Erik Reynolds had to say in a press release on Thursday afternoon.

– When a fire was discovered, the crew sprang into action and extinguished the fire, Reynolds wrote.

– There were no injuries and the ship is now en route to a Norwegian port for repairs.

The ship is heading north along the coast of Norway for exercise FLOTEX, largest naval exercise of the year, which starts on Monday. The main scenario of the exercise started on 20 November, before several ships were due to dock at Bodø.

Nearly 20 ships participated in the exercise, including French, German and Danish frigates.

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