The G7 urges China to pressure Russia to end the war

“G7 members call on China to pressure Russia to stop its military aggression and immediately withdraw its troops from Ukraine without conditions,” the ministers stressed in a statement.

The heads of diplomacy from seven of the world’s most advanced industrial countries – the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom – met in New York on the sidelines of the High-Level UN General Assembly Week.

In the same statement, the G7 welcomed China’s participation in meetings held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, to end the war in Ukraine and urged it to support a “just and lasting peace” for the European country.

These countries also agreed on the need to build a “constructive relationship” with China to directly address their shared concerns and challenges with the Asian giant, such as the climate crisis, economic stability or debt financing.

But they also stated that Beijing’s claims in the South China Sea have “no legal basis” and opposed any attempts to “change the ‘status quo’ through force” on Taiwan.

The G7 defends the “one China” policy, which rejects Taiwanese independence, but at the same time declares support for Taiwan’s right to participate in international forums.

In the joint statement, the foreign ministers also condemned “Russia’s attacks on civilians” in Ukraine, as well as Moscow’s decision to withdraw from the Black Sea grain export agreement, which exacerbated the global food crisis.

The foreign ministers assured that they remain “committed to maintaining and, if necessary, expanding strong sanctions and other restrictions on Russia.”

Those responsible “reaffirmed their commitment to strengthen coordination to prevent third parties from providing lethal support, including weapons, to Russia, and to respond to those who do so.”

For these countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “nuclear rhetoric” is unacceptable, and also expressed their support for the creation of an international tribunal to try Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

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