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Bruno Mars repeats the setlist with ‘Evidências’ at The Town, this time with Xororó in the audience

The farewell to the first edition of The Town was resumed by Bruno Mars, this time with the reinforcement of Xororó and his family in the audience, when the keyboardist of the American singer’s group played the country classic “Evidências”.

Mars’ second show at the festival was of course the highlight of the final day of the São Paulo event. But the line-up had other highlights, with the Brazilians proving stronger than the international attractions.

Jão, Iza and Pabllo Vittar presented well-attended shows with a much more famous repertoire than that sung by HER and Kim Petras. Gloria Groove and Marina Sena singing Gal Costa completed the main stage program.

The first edition of The Town attracted 100,000 people per day to the Autodromo de Interlagos. Maroon 5, Post Malone and Foo Fighters were the other main attractions at the event.

The Town 2023: What was the best show of the 5th day of the festival?

Bruno Mars ignites the audience at The Town with the hit “Treasure”

Bruno Mars’ show had the same unbeatable setlist as his first performance last week at the festival, including “Evidências”, an instrumental country classic. The song was performed by keyboardist John Fossitt, this time with Xororó and his family in the audience. When he appeared on screen, fans applauded him. It was the Hawaiian singer’s second performance at the festival. During the first show on Sunday (3), the audience also sang the song in chorus. Learn more about Bruno Mars’ show at The Town.

Jão opens the show with “A Rua”

Jão closed the program on The One stage. The singer understood his responsibility. Anyone who approached the stage was met with a large dragon with open wings swarming the stage. There are now super elaborate shows, almost always complete, with scenography, staging and stage presence. The repertoire was a superb mix between “Super”, a recently released album, and the older ones. Known for combining suffering and pop with accents of self-deprecation, the artist takes another path, that of living his passions and the good things they can bring. And that’s what livened up the presentation, which was very danceable. Learn more about Jão’s show at The Town.

HER sings “Best Part” with the Brazilian and edits an extract from Claudinho & Buchecha’s hit

After playing one of the best shows at Rock in Rio 2019, HER showed he’s still in good shape. Few people showed signs of knowing the California singer’s repertoire, but they were still moving to the grooves and rhythms of Gabrielle Wilson, winner of an Oscar and five Grammys. In addition to singing, she alternates between piano, guitar, guitar and drums. “Best Part” (recorded with Canadian Daniel Caeser) was the most sung song of the evening. It featured Felipe Bide, known for his YouTube covers, and was edited with a sample of “Quero te meet”, by Claudinho & Buchecha. Learn more about HER’s show at The Town.

Gloria Groove thrills the audience at The Town with the hit “Vermelho”

In part, a real arena spectacle, delighting everyone’s eyes and ears. At the same time, an atmosphere close to that of a club DJ set which limits the complete listening of the songs. It was the Gloria Groove show. At many points, it seemed like Music City had turned into a theater. As the protagonist, the singer gave beautiful dramatic performances which, unsurprisingly, moved the audience. On the other hand, the singer did so many medleys of her songs that the show also somewhat resembled the sonic aesthetic of the nightclubs on Rua Augusta, in the capital of São Paulo. Learn more about Gloria Groove’s show at The Town.

Kim Petras performs the hit “Unholy” during her concert at The Town

Kim Petras just wants to dance and make others dance. The first trans singer to top the charts made her debut in Brazil. The German pop star is 31 years old, 17 of whom have devoted themselves to dance pop. He tried to turn the running track into a dance floor. But he could not. It brought together an audience consisting of a few enthusiastic fans on the grid and many bored Bruno Mars fans. The show didn’t help: she still needs more maturity and the same care she brings to her discography. The arrangements and choreography are below its potential. The live performance still feels like an exciting Britney Spears cover. Learn more about Kim Petras’ show at The Town.

Pabllo Vittar and Liniker sing “Disk me!” together. in the city

Many people didn’t understand, but even before Pabllo Vittar took the stage, some of his fans celebrated in chorus as the instruments of the band that accompanied the singer were put together. The absence of supporting musicians at Pabllo’s shows became an Internet joke. She responded to criticism in a good show – for the first time with a group. “It’s a pleasure to be here today with my group,” emphasized the singer, who received shouts from those who understood the irony. “Break everything, my group,” he joked, before “Cadeado”, a song from the festive album “Noitada”, released this year. The instrumentalists made the difference: they gave strength and substance to the arrangements. She became more comfortable singing and dancing, without needing to hold the audience with her voice. Learn more about Pabllo Vittar, Liniker and Jup do Bairro’s show at The Town.

Iza and MC Carol sing ‘Fé nas casas’ at The Town

Iza wants to show a new Iza. Both in terms of performance and setlist. This is what she implied on the Skylin stage. With a brand new album in hand (“Afrodhit”), it was already expected that the singer would further diversify her repertoire, leaving the same situation she had been in for years. But contrary to what one might think, the selection of songs for the presentation was diversified mainly by hits belonging to other artists. She celebrated Beyoncé and called MC Carol, Djonga and L7nnon on stage. Learn more about Iza’s show at The Town.

Marina Sena sings ‘Como 2 e 2’ in honor of Gal Costa at The Town

Marina Sena was moved and made the audience cry when she sang “Nada Mais”, “Dê um Rolê”, “Baby” and other hits by Gal Costa (1945-2022). The singer from Minas Gerais put her musical identity in Gal’s repertoire. She might not be expected to have the vocal range of the winner, but it was clear that Marina had the responsibility of putting on a show dedicated to one of the biggest names in music in the world. Learn more about Marina Sena’s show at The Town.

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