The March for Jesus will bring together members of 20 churches – GAZ

In its third edition in Santa Cruz do Sul, the March for Jesus will be held this Saturday. The meeting will start at 14.00 in front of the Oktoberfest Park. Departure will take place at 3pm along Rua Galvão Costa towards Rua Marechal Floriano all the way to Praça Getúlio Vargas, where gospel singer David Quinlan will conclude. The show is free, but the organization asks for a pound of non-perishable food in donations.

According to the pastor of the Evangelical Missionary Church in Cells and president of the Council of Evangelical Ministers of Santa Cruz do Sul (Comesc), Amilton Cézar Zubreski, 20 churches associated with the council should participate in the event. “The aim of this Parade is the unity of the church and our profession of faith,” he said.

President Comesc emphasized that everyone is welcome and will be welcomed. “We invite all Christians and sympathizers to participate in this moment, where we convey the second greatest commandment, which is to love one’s neighbor as oneself,” he invited.

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On the national calendar

According to information on the Marcha para Jesus website, the event arrived in Brazil in 1993. That year, under the coordination of the apostle Estevam Hernandes, the first edition was held in São Paulo, already attended by a large audience. Since then, the number of participants has increased across the region.

The March for Jesus has been part of the country’s official calendar since September 2009. The event has been held in Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, United States, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Mozambique, Russia, among others. This year, the March is being held for the ninth time in Israel, during the Apostolic Caravan.


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