The northeastern US and Canada face a cold weekend at the poles

In New York, where temperatures were -16°C in Central Park, homeless shelters were ordered not to turn away anyone.

The northeastern United States and eastern Canada recorded polar temperatures this weekend, with dips to record levels and conditions hazardous to health. The thermometer should go up gradually starting this Sunday (05).

Atop Mount Washington in the US state of New Hampshire, the wind chill (taking wind-related chill into account) was -78°C last night, the US Weather Service (NWS) reported.). According to the dedicated Weather Channel website, the previous record for a thermal sensation was -74°C.

Mount Washington, the highest peak in the northeastern United States, is reputed to have some of the worst weather in the world.

In New York, where temperatures were -16°C in Central Park, homeless shelters were ordered not to turn away anyone. In Boston, where the temperature was -34ºC, schools were closed yesterday as a precaution.

At the same time, the local Maine weather service reported a wind chill of -51°C over the small town of Frenchville, which straddles the Canadian border.

The Canadian government has issued an extreme cold warning for most of Quebec and the country’s eastern maritime province, with wind chills as low as -40°C or as low as -50°C in some areas.

In Montreal, the international airport scored -29°C in the morning and -41°C taking into account the thermal sensation, according to the meteorological service.


Yesterday’s arctic cold led to record energy consumption in Quebec. The Hydro Quebec company asks its customers to turn down the heat a degree or two and use less hot water.

The extreme temperatures have forced Quebec Carnival organizers to postpone the start of this winter’s festivities, even though attendees are used to the cold. Originally scheduled for Friday, the start of the event was postponed to this Saturday afternoon, due to low temperatures which could cause rapid freezing of exposed areas of the body.

According to the NWS, the temperature will start to rise tomorrow.

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