The Prime Ministers of Britain, Canada and the Netherlands announced the formation of an international group to support Ukraine

Boris Johnson meets this Monday in London with the prime ministers of Canada and the Netherlands. The head of government announced the formation of an international support group for Ukraine and acknowledged that there was too much dependence on Russian energy, but also said that it could not end overnight.

Boris Johnson receives Mark Rutte and Justin Trudeau at Downing Street. On the table, one topic: Ukraine.

The three leaders announced the formation of an international humanitarian coalition, acknowledged imposing more sanctions and said they were determined to reduce energy dependence on Russia.

But for that, it takes time. The UK government has been at the forefront of diplomatic, financial and military support to Ukraine, but its reception of refugees has been the subject of internal and external criticism.

Britain requires entry visas which are only issued under certain conditions, something the prime minister made clear in remarks to reporters hours before the trilateral meeting.

In practice, so far only 50 refugees have been given the green light to enter the UK, i.e. 1% of Ukrainians have completed the application process.

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