The project provides a code of conduct for civil servants in the bidding area – Notícias

09/03/2022 – 13:25

Gustavo Sales/Deputies Chamber

Rigoni: the proposal seeks to promote the fight against corruption in the public procurement process

Bill 252/22 requires all agencies and powers of the Union to establish a code of ethics for civil servants who work in the field of purchasing goods and services. The proposal is being processed in the Chamber of Deputies.

The code of conduct for public procurement will be addressed to those who are responsible for making decisions and monitoring the progress of bid until approval. The document should contain rules for disciplining the behavior of agents, in order to reduce the risk of corruption and errors in the public procurement process.

The project’s author, Deputy Felipe Rigoni (União-ES), stated that the measure aimed to “reduce the specific risks associated with the complexity and characteristics of the public procurement process”.

“France, Canada and Austria are examples of countries with special codes of conduct for public agents who perform contracts,” said Rigoni.

The deputy’s proposal provides for other measures to promote integrity and combat corruption in the public procurement process. According to the text, the government will promote the training of individual micro-entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises and small businesses in the bidding process and public contracts.

In addition, the federal government should appoint public agencies to promote campaigns to promote a culture of transparency and integrity in public procurement, and to train public agencies.

The project will be analyzed in conclusive character by the Finance and Taxation committee; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship (CCJ).

Reporting – Janary Junior
Editing – Natalia Doederlein

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