The Story of a 20-Year-Old Woman, Struggling to Shrink Breasts for Health – Janel Nelson is one of the women in the world who has a problem with bust size too big, that he felt the need to shrink it.

Just imagine, Janel’s 28H breast size causes her to often suffer from migraines and skin rashes.

The woman had tried to undergo surgery to reduce the size of her large breasts up to 10 times.

However, all the doctors asked for help refused Janel’s request.

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Luckily, this woman’s desire to change her life finally came to light.

YesAfter 10 rejections, in January 2021, there was a doctor who was willing to deal with Janel’s problem.

After undergoing the surgical procedure, Janel’s breast size was reduced, to 28C.

According to the 20-year-old woman, several surgeons have refused her request in the past four years.

Allegedly, the experts refused because they knew he was too young. “The excuses they gave me for refusing were always terrible,” Janel said.

“One doctor even asked, ‘what will your future husband think?'”

In fact, Janel said, her large breasts caused many health problems since she was 16 years old.

“My shoulders and neck always hurt because of the pressure on the bra straps,” she said.

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“My posture is always hunched over for relief,” the Canadian continued.

When summer came, Janel developed a rash from sweating too much on her breasts.

However, the more severe problem he felt due to the size of the breast was migraines or headaches.

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“I feel as if my body is rejecting me for confidence and limiting what I can and can’t do,” she said.

Despite being repeatedly rejected by doctors, Janel never gave up.

Currently, he is married. Her husband, Chandler Janel, is a person who continues to encourage her not to give up on surgery.

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Last year, a doctor finally agreed to perform the procedure, and he underwent surgery on January 5.

After more than two months postoperatively, Janel said she was happy to see the results.

“The surgery was life changing. I felt like I had a whole new body,” he said.

“I’m no longer restricted in what clothes I choose, and I can take anything from the closet even if I don’t try it on, I know it’s the right fit for me.” call him.

He also felt his self-confidence increased, and became more athletic and energetic than before.

The reduction in breast size left a temporary pain, but it wasn’t a problem for her.

Janel also invites other women who have similar problems to undergo surgery.

“The scar or pain won’t hold me back from having another surgery just to feel and experience the relief I’m experiencing now,” he said.

“We have the right to feel good about our bodies. We have the right to be confident in the clothes we wear.”

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