‘The truth will set you free’ recounts Brazil’s troubled last decade

“The Truth Will Set You Free” is a book with iconic photographs of the troubled national political scene of the last decade, taken by photojournalist Gabriela Biló. Organized chronologically, the images accompany a series of news, memes and audio curated by the presenters of the “Medo e delírio em Brasília” podcast, all reinterpreted by visual artist Pedro Inoue.

From the protests of July 2013, through the dismissal of Dilma Rousseff to the collapse of the Bolsonarist government over the past 4 years, “The truth will set you free” offers a look and a unique experience that explores this period that will mark the history of Brazil.

Cycle that closes

Covering the last 10 years, the book awaits the elections to include the final picture on January 1, 2023 when, one way or another, this political cycle will come to an end.

Therefore, presale is now open, but printing and shipping of the copy will not begin until 2023, after the last photo has been taken and added to the edition. Readers who purchase in advance will also receive an exclusive print autographed by Biló.

The book will also contain texts and testimonies of eminent personalities in Brazil during the last decade. Átila Iamarino, João Wainer, Juliana Dal Piva, Father Júlio Lancelotti, Miriam Leitão, Patrícia Campos Mello and Rubens Valente are among these people.

(Photo: Gabriela Bilo/Disclosure)

pound of acid

For Gabriela Biló, “The truth will set you free is an acid book about a history that must not be forgotten and distorted in a war of stories. This is, yes, my particular look at a remarkable decade in Brazil in which we saw a new rise in authoritarianism in the country. I hope those who read it will laugh, cry and never doubt their own memories of what happened.

For Pedro Inoue, “in a world where what the concept of truth is is contested, the work of Gabriela Biló shows us a raw and punk version of our reality. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t see it.”

For Cristiano Botafogo, “Gabriela Biló has been following the main facts of national politics with a keen eye for more than 10 years. It is not enough to be there, you have to have a clear notion of the meaning of each moment and know how to read the piece; which she does with mastery and technique, not only when it clicked, but also as guardian in the selection of her major work in the field.

(Photo: Gabriela Bilo/Disclosure)

Gabrielle Bill

Gabriela Biló is a photojournalist and responsible for some of the most shared images of this era. He began his career in São Paulo, where he had the opportunity to experience the street demonstrations proposed by the Movimento Passe Livre. He worked for 8 years in Estadão and is currently in Folha de S. Paulo. Since 2018 he lives in Brasília, where he follows the current political scenario.

Pedro Inoue

Pedro Inoue is a Brazilian graphic designer and artist. He has collaborated for clients such as David Bowie, Damien Hirst and Ryuichi Sakamoto. He is creative director of Canadian magazine Adbusters and was part of the team that created the #occupywallstreet tag and poster – responsible for inspiring the global #Occupy movement. He is currently collaborating with several artists and projects, including Criolo, Mano Brown, Mídia Ninja and Greenpeace.

fear and delirium

Pedro Daltro and Cristiano Botafogo – Fear and Delirium in Brasilia is a diary (or almost daily) of this olive green government, this shitty bad trip we’ve embarked on. It was born on October 28, 2018, the day Bolsonaro was proclaimed president, and from November 2019 it also became a podcast. All with acidity, humor and lightness, as far as possible.


“The truth will set you free”, by Gabriela Biló, Pedro Inoue and Fear and Delirium in Brasilia. Phosphorus, pages to be defined, 129.90 BRL (presale) and 149.90 BRL (after launch, expected in January 2023).

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