The world’s “loneliest” orca has died

DEATH: Killer whale Kiska died on Friday.

Female killer whale Kiska is 47 years old.


This was reported by a number of media, including newspapers Niagara Falls Review.

Kiska was arrested in 1979 when he was three years old. After living for some time with several killer whales, including the more famous Keiko in Iceland, he was sold to Marineland in Niagara Falls.

– Marineland’s care team and experts are doing everything to ensure that Kiska is well and will mourn her loss, the aquarium wrote in a statement according to the newspaper.

Keiko later became famous from the movie “Slipp Willy Fri”.

The killer whale is said to be nicknamed “the loneliest in the world” because he has been living alone in Marineland since 2011. The killer whale gave birth to five cubs, but all of them died before Kiska herself.

Among those mourning the loss of Kiska is a former trainer at an aquarium in Canada, Philip Demers.

Marineland in Niagara Falls received criticism in 2021 for their treatment of killer whales, Canadians can CBC telling you.

An animal welfare non-profit organization asked the Ontario government to investigate the aquarium’s treatment of Kiska. Marineland is not punished.

The complaints submitted included comments from Dr. Naomi Rose, researcher at the Animal Welfare Institute.

– At the very least, he should have been transferred to a facility with other killer whales long ago or given an individual of another whale species as a companion, Rose said at the time, according to CBC.


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