They launched an ad featuring a gay Santa

Norway Post Presented this Monday on your channel Youtube and an advertisement that revolves around Santa’s relationship with a man on other networks called Harry.

Titled ‘When Harry Met Santa’, the ad was released on the 50th anniversary of the hit American sitcom ‘When Harry Met Sally’. Crime of homosexuality In a Scandinavian country, reports RT.

When Harry Met Santa Claus ENG SUB

At the beginning of the video, Hari depressed Watching Santa Claus disappear down the chimney and knowing that it will be another year before he comes back to visit us.

Wanting to see his friend again, the protagonist decides to write him a letter: “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.

The commercial is titled “When Harry Met Santa” (video recording).

In the end, the post takes care of part of the volume of delivery of Christmas gifts, making possible the reunion of Harry and Santa Claus. They close the place with a kiss, informed RT.

“Posten is an inclusive workplace Great variation And we want to celebrate the 50th anniversary with this beautiful love story. During last year’s campaign Santa was angry at the Post Office for taking his ‘business’ away from him, but this year he is happy to relieve him so he can be with those he loves “, told the ad to LGBTQ Nation. Monika Solberg, marketing director of Posten.

The country is divided

Since its publication, the video has already accumulated Over 250,000 viewsMany comments have accumulated for and against the depiction of Santa Claus as gay RT.

Canadian Member of the House of Commons, Randall Garrison, thanked Posten Norge for its “strong and moving message on inclusion”. “Isn’t that really sweet?” It proves that none of us are too old to dream,” one user wrote.

“Want to. I did not cry. You do,” tweeted another, along with a GIF of the moaning animated character Stitch, he said. RT.

The country is divided by opinion.

At the same time, there are many others who question the reality of the idea. “That’s all they did Destroying what Christmas means to peopleSanta Claus isn’t real, but he’s not gay either, whoever did this should look in the mirror, because gay people aren’t happy either, one user said.

That’s not true… He married Mrs. Claus.…I hate it!!” said British businesswoman Josephine Wood. “Leave Santa alone! His sexuality is bad…whether he’s gay or straight. I find this statement frightening and disturbing“, considered a consumer, reports RT.

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