This Day in History: Inventor of the Telephone Alexander Graham Bell Born March 3, 1847 All – Alexander Graham Bell is a scientist who is best known as the inventor of the telephone.

The Scottish-born scientist invented the first telephone set in 1876 and founded the Bell Telephone Company in 1877.

Bell was one of the main inventors of the telephone, besides that he also played an important role in communication work for the deaf and held more than 18 patents for his inventions.

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Alexander Graham Bell Profil Profile

Quoted from BiographyAlexander Graham Bell was born in Edienburgh, Scotland, on March 3, 1847.

He is the second son of Alexander Melville Bell and Eliza Grace Symonds Bell.

The name ‘Alexander’ comes from his paternal grandfather’s name, while the middle name ‘Graham’ was added when he was 10 years old.

Bell had two brothers named Melville James Bell and Edward Charles Beli, but both died of tuberculosis.

During his youth, Bell was greatly influenced by his family and hometown.

His hometown of Edinburgh, known as “Athens of the North” for its rich arts and culture and advances in the field of science.

Bell’s grandfather and father were experts in sound mechanics and elocution, and his mother was an accomplished pianist despite being deaf.

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Creating the first device

Bell received one year of formal education at private school and two years at the famous Royal High School in Edinburgh.

At a young age, Bell showed an unusual ability to solve problems.

At the age of 12, while Bell was playing with a friend at the grain mill, he noticed the slow stripping process of wheat.

After that, he went home to make a device with a rotating paddle and a nail brush that made the process of removing the husks from the grain easier.

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Studying sound

In 1870, Bell and his family moved to Brantford, Ontario, Canada. There he founded a workshop to further his studies of the human voice.

A year later, Bell moved to Boston, United States, and began working on a device known as the harmonic telegraph.

He received financial support from local investors Thomas Sanders and Gardiner Hubbard to work on these projects.

From 1873 to 1874, Bell worked hard to perfect the harmonic telegraph.

Quoted from, on July 11, 1877, Bell married Mable Hubbard, daughter of Gardiner Hubbard. It is known that Mable has been deaf since childhood.

They were then blessed with four children, two sons and two daughters. However, their two sons died in infancy.

The fate of his mother and wife who are both deaf is said to be the main reason Bell pays more attention to sound technology.

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Phone discovery

Reported from Historyin 1871 Bell worked on the harmonic telegraph. It is a device that allows sending multiple messages over a cable at the same time.

Bell became busy figuring out how to transmit the human voice over wires.

In 1875, Bell, with the help of his colleague Thomas Watson, had invented a simple receiver that could convert electricity into sound.

On March 7, 1876, Bell was granted his patent on the telephone. A few days later, he made the first phone call to Watson.

Allegedly Bell said the words “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to meet”.

In 1877, the Bell Telephone company or what is now known as AT&T was founded.

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Another Graham Bell invention

In addition to inventing the telephone, Bell worked on hundreds of projects in his career and received patents in various fields.

Here are some of his famous inventions:

  • Metal detector: Bell originally came up with this device to find the bullet inside the murdered President James A. Garfield.
  • Photophone: Photophone allows the transmission of speech on light beams.
  • Graphophone: This improved version of the phonograph can record and play back sounds.
  • Audiometer: This device is used to detect hearing problems.

In 1880, Bell was awarded the French Volta Prize, and with the money, he established a facility dedicated to the scientific discoveries of the Volta Laboratory in Washington DC, United States.

Bell also invented many techniques to help teach deaf people how to speak, and even worked with the well-known writer and activist Helen Keller.

Bell also helped launch the magazine Science, and from 1896 to 1904 served as president of the National Geographic Society.

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Graham Bell’s Death

Bell died on August 2, 1922 at the age of 75 in Nova Scotia, Canada.

The cause of death was complications from diabetes. Bell leaves behind a wife and two daughters.

During Bell’s funeral, every telephone in North America was turned off to pay homage to its discoverer.

To this day, Bell is remembered for his work in sound technology and improving education for the deaf.

The most famous invention was the telephone, which forever changed the way humans communicated with each other.

Hah, that’s the profile of Alexander Graham Bell, an inventor of telephone technology.

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