TikToker Goes Viral On Resignation On 1st Day Of Work; see the reason

In recent weeks, a young Canadian has taken to social media by revealing what happened on her first day at work. In this case, she explained the reason for her dissatisfaction and received support from netizens. Looking for an opportunity, it seems your first attempt didn’t work. Understand what led to this moment of frustration that has thousands of likes on TikTok.

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The salesman resigns on the first day of work


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1 week ago, a woman identified as @croissantwoman on TikTok, decided to express her outrage at the work routine. She didn’t wait until the second day to decide that the store she was going to be a sales clerk in didn’t deserve her attention.

Despite the friendliness of the staff, the Canadian reported that the managers did not understand and overworked the employees. For the salary he received, the eight hours worked required a lot of effort on the part of the salespeople.

All this for minimum wage? the young woman was fired

In her statement, the story seems to start well, with a nice girl who interviewed her. During the training, he received basic instructions on how to greet customers at the establishment that sold clothes.

However, it all started to get weird when the supervisor started providing advice on cash management and emails. At first, she believed that this approach served her to know everything.

Then, in the middle of the day, he discovered that he would have no respite and that he would be responsible for delivering the packages. For minimum wage, the saleswoman was given tasks from various positions, in almost inhumane conditions.

Woman receives online support after being fired

The post has already accumulated more than 400,000 likes and countless comments from Internet users expressing their solidarity. In the opinion of one follower, the company knew what it was doing and seemed to treat employees this way out of spite.

At the time, the trade did not comply with Canadian labor law, which provides for a break every 5 hours worked.

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