Transgender cricketer Danielle McGahey made her T20 debut – and here’s what happened

Canada were the guests in the event and their match was not an official international, so the McGahey era began shortly after 2pm Pacific time with her allowing the first ball thrown, by Brazil’s Renata Dina, to the keeper.

McGahey, known for his batting prowess, was disappointed, making just 13 runs off 23 balls before being pinned down by Laura Cardoso. He struggled for possession but twice reached the limit, pushing Canada to 30 before he became the second wicket down.

She was down deep on the side of the leg for most of Brazil’s innings and caught Nicole Monteiro in over 14 as Canada ousted their opponents for 45.

What McGahey thinks of his history – and his performances – is anyone’s guess. American ICC officials do not allow the media to interview anyone. Only commenters on ICC’s online stream were allowed to speak to the cast, and they weren’t given McGahey either.

Canada captain, Divya Saxena, was asked about McGahey’s participation after winning the toss. “We are all teammates,” he said. “We will support each other.”

McGahey was able to play because he met the criteria required for a male-female transgender player, which requires his “serum concentration of testosterone” to be below a certain level (5 nmol/L1) continuously for 12 months. The ICC, unlike the world’s regulatory bodies in rugby, swimming, cycling and track and field, mirrors the International Olympic Committee’s approach to transgender athletes, which assumes no unfair advantage in women’s sport.

McGahey’s presence has been criticized by several groups promoting women’s sport and by some in the media, and she appears to have received threats, although she told BBC Sport last month that she “can’t recall a single negative experience, especially on or off the pitch. field with my team. Everyone is very supportive of him.”

Brazil captain Roberta Moretti Avery told BBC Sport that McGahey had been discussed ahead of the tournament in the Van Nuys area of ​​Los Angeles, and that he would be “treated the same as any other player”.

“In cricket, we can only play what the rules give us and obey the rules,” said Moretti Avery. “I don’t think the rules are perfect, but it’s not the fault of each player. I think we’ll see a lot of Dani’s impact on the game going forward. We don’t know what it will be like. The current situation, in my opinion, is fair.”

The ICC and its medical advisory committee have been reviewing its rules on transgender participation since March, and if other sports lead McGahey could be banned from playing women’s cricket. There was also speculation that he should be dominant in his five remaining matches in the double round-robin z– event and Canada beat tournament favorites the United States to earn the sole spot in next year’s global qualifiers to determine the final two teams heading to Bangladesh. – that USA Cricket officials will discuss the matter with the ICC and work on changing the guidelines. Time will tell.

McGahey didn’t dominate, not to get in the way of the Canadian who won the low scoring game by 53 runs. “Our streak didn’t go as planned,” said Saxena. “Obviously, we had two quick goals, but the rest of the team did well.”

Canada takes on Argentina on Tuesday afternoon (PT), then takes on the US who beat Argentina by 79 runs, on Thursday.

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