Trudeau investigates allegations that Canadian spies helped traffic British teen – International

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau vowed on Wednesday to “follow up” on allegations that a spy working for Canadian intelligence was smuggling British students into Syria, where at least one of them was married to a member of the Islamic State group.

According to the British newspaper The Times, in 2015, in England, then 15-year-old Shamima Begun and two of her friends received help from a trafficker who was recruited by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) to achieve it. by war.

By then, police had launched an international search for the three.

When asked about the case at a news conference, Trudeau defended the need for intelligence services to be “flexible and creative in their approach.” […] in their work to keep Canada and Canada safe in a very dangerous world.”

At the same time, he stated that CSIS must comply with Canadian law and its “strict rules” of conduct, and said he hoped these rules “will be respected”.

“We will continue to ensure adequate oversight and, if necessary, we will study other measures,” Trudeau added.

The Times report is based on a new book by journalist Richard Kerbaj entitled “The Secret History of the Five Eyes”.

According to the book, CSIS reportedly recruited Islamic State sympathizer Mohamed al Rashed as a double agent when he came to the Canadian Embassy in Jordan seeking asylum.

Later, Rashed is arrested in Turkey for possessing travel documents belonging to Begun and his friends.

Canada only privately acknowledged its involvement with Rashed and asked the UK to help cover it up, Kerbak says in his book.

It also stated that Canada could not prevent the students from traveling, as they were already in Syria when Rashed’s superiors were informed of the situation.

Now 23 and stripped of his British citizenship, Begun remains in a refugee camp in northern Syria while he appeals in Britain to reverse the loss of his citizenship.

His friends Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase are said to have been killed in the Russian attack or missing.

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