Two Canadian social media stars join forces to spread the joy

Coming soon to social media feeds near you, Yukon’s bhangra-dancing Gurdeep Pandher and Brittlestar comedian Stewart Reynolds join forces to spread a bit of humor and some fun.

Reynolds and his wife, Shannon, boarded a plane for the first time in two years last week and traveled to the Yukon to meet Pandher in person. The two had been friends for about four years, although they had never met in person until now.

Reynolds, who has been making and posting comedy videos on YouTube under the Brittlestar name for the past nine years, says his videos have an “aspirational style.”

“People look at me and think, I’ve set the bar so low that they’ll be able to handle it. No problem either. So that’s my whole predicament,” Reynolds told CBC’s. playback.

He added that he had always wanted to visit the Yukon, and the opportunity to make a video with Pandher was “too many to pass up.”

“We had to do it and I thought it would be a lot of fun,” Reynolds said.

No one will say much about the video they shot together but Pandher added there was some dancing in the video, but unlike in the video itself, not all bhangra dance.

“I have the Brittlestar influence now,” he said with a laugh. “Like, he taught me some ’80s moves and you’ll see the moves.”

Reynolds added that he felt he and Pandher could offer people a little “joy or joy” on their social media feeds.

“And if we can do it together, that’s great.” she says

Regarding when the video will be posted, Reynolds said, “very, very soon.”

‘Like giving happiness medicine’

The two social media stars said when they first started posting their videos they thought it was just fun, nothing more than a little entertainment.

Then one day, Reynolds attended his first social media gathering in Toronto in 2013. A woman he didn’t know crossed the street and hugged him.

“I thought, ‘who is this crazy woman?’ And he said, ‘I just wanted to let you know that your videos have gotten me through a really hard time.'”

It was then that he realized his video had an important purpose.

Pandher says he’s also realized over time – from the feedback he’s gotten including a handwritten letter saying how “very much needed” his videos are – that his videos also provide more than entertainment.

“We just give a little relief. It’s like giving some kind of mental therapy so people can take something from it. They can rest,” said Pandher.

“It’s like giving a happy medicine.”

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