Ulekleiv to start the final together with the hot winner – Kongshaug fell in the semifinals

Ulekleiv for a long time was decently placed on the field and did not struggle for the sprint points awarded along the way. A few laps before the finish, he took the lead and picked up speed. He didn’t give up first place and finished first. It gives 60 points and a hot winner.

Belgian Bart Swings followed closely. Among the eight people who made it through to the preliminary round was figure skating legend Sven Kramer, who entered his last Olympic competition.

In the second semifinal, Ryosuke Tsuchiya of Japan and Jordan Belchos of Canada left the court early and earned enough sprint points to secure last place.

Kongshaug was in contention for position as the field ate to take the lead and overtake him, but in the few laps before the goal, he made a mistake and ended up in the cushions. Thus, there will only be one Norwegian in the final.

– I’m not sure what happened, but I’m fine, and I’m looking forward to seeing Kristian in the final. He did it perfectly in the semifinals, Kongshaug told Discovery.

– I want to be part of the first step. That would suit me better. Suddenly there are only five or six places left to fight for, and there are a lot of good spots on the field. I went with the reins a little long that there really was no room to start with. “Right now I’m not fit enough for that,” he said.

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