#Verified: It is false that a Canadian sniper was killed by a Russian sniper in Mariupol, Ukraine

A post with photos showing a Canadian sniper – or sniper – went viral on social media, known as the Guardian. The title of the publication states that the soldier was killed by a Russian sniper 20 minutes after arriving in Mariupol, Ukraine. through news verification project, a Facebook user requested that this material be analyzed. See the verification work below. forget:

“The best Canadian sniper in the world who went to fight for Ukraine was killed 20 minutes after arriving in Mariupol by a Russian sniper. Canadian sniper Wali was eliminated by Russian special forces 20 minutes after the start of active operations in Mariupol.”

The caption of the post published on Facebook, on April 7, 2022 at 4 pm, has 175 shares


Information analyzed by forget it’s fake. Canadian snipers are not dead. On March 22, the rumors were debunked by a Canadian website CBC News, who interviewed Wali – whose real name is still being withheld. Apart from denying the rumors about his death, Guardian stated that he fought on the front lines in Kievnot in Mariupol.

According to Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, thousands of foreign volunteers volunteered to join Ukraine’s war against Russia. One of those foreign fighters was a Canadian sniper, who served as a sniper in the 22nd Royal Canadian Regiment, according to CBC News. Also according to the vehicle, the soldier too fighting in afghanistan.

On the same day as the interview, the Facebook profile attributed to the Guardian — called “La Torche et l’Épée” (“The Torch and the Sword”, in French translation) posted a photo of the shooter surrounded by colorful toy balls. The title of the publication, written in the first person, states that he is still alive and the rumors that he has died are completely unfounded.

A non-facebook page included in the description a link to a non-Instagram profile and also blog in frenchwhich Last post posted on April 5th. the website too publish books written by Wali.

This information was also verified by with facts e AFP Fact Check.

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