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Canada is one of the destinations for students who want to continue their studies abroad. You can get various scholarships in this country. Photo/Ist

JAKARTACanada become one of the destinations for students who want to continue their studies abroad. For those who want to learn by enjoying the different atmosphere and culture in Canada, see the information scholarship which the University of British Columbia in Canada has to offer below.

Canada, a country led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has become a popular destination for international students to continue their studies due to its high standard of education and affordable costs, as well as the diversity of its population, which also makes this country friendly for immigrants.

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Launching the Ruang Guru page on ruangguru.com, Tuesday (23/11/2021), the University of British Columbia (UBC) offers scholarships for international students. This scholarship program is called the International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES) which offers free undergraduate studies in Canada.

This program will cover the educational costs of the recipients of a maximum of $25,000 or IDR 356 million per year. If these costs have not been able to meet the needs for tuition, then you are welcome to apply for the International Scholars Program.

There are 4 types of scholarship pathways based on the background of the prospective recipient, namely:

1. The Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award, which is intended for students with excellent academic achievements. Possess outstanding leadership skills, involvement in student affairs and community service, and recognized achievements in other key areas.

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2. Donald A. Wehrung International Student Award, intended for outstanding students from poor or war-torn districts who have achieved academic excellence in challenging situations.

3. International Impact Award, given to students who express commitment and solutions to issues of social justice, climate change, equality and inclusion, public health and well-being, and freedom of expression.

4. Vantage One Excellence Award, this scholarship comes from UBC Vantage College for academically outstanding international students who have not met the English Language Admission Standards for direct admission to UBC. Scholarship benefits for recipients, in the form of tuition fees and living costs in Canada.

Scholarship applicants cannot choose to be enrolled in certain programs. The committee will assess the applicant’s background, then place him in the right program.

Students who will qualify as recipients of this scholarship must meet several criteria, such as:

1. Applicants are international students who will study in Canada and have a permit to study in Canada from the embassy.

2. Be accepted as a UBC student.

3. High school graduates or equivalent not earlier than June two years before the academic year begins. For example, applicants for 2022 college must have graduated from high school by June 2020.

4. For those who have already taken S1, are not allowed to register.

5. Demonstrate excellent academic performance (achieve all A’s or equivalent standards).

6. Demonstrate financial conditions that require financial assistance in order to study at UBC.

7. Meet UBC admission requirements, including general requirements and English language standards.

So what if you are interested in this scholarship? Here are the steps to register it.

1. Determine the program or major you want to study at UBC.

2. Send the new student registration file to UBC before the deadline for UBC’s new student admission (15 January 2022).

3. Students who apply before January 15, 2022, will be considered for the International Major Entrance Scholarship (IMES) scholarship scheme.

4. To apply for a scholarship through the International Scholars Program, it can only be done with a recommendation from a school or non-profit organization, then enter a letter of recommendation from the principal.

5. Collect files related to financial conditions, along with information on activities in extracurricular activities, social activities, and awards.

Complete information to register as a new student at UBC can be found at the link https://you.ubc.ca/applying-ubc/.

For applicants who pass the selection and are accepted as UBC students, they will get a Letter of Acceptance or LoA. If the applicant is also designated as a scholarship recipient, he will receive a maximum of 21 days notice after receiving the LoA.

UBC has a very comprehensive program covering almost all disciplines offered for the undergraduate level. UBC has 2 main campuses located in the City of Vancouver and the Okanagan. The following is a list of faculties and the number of majors that you can choose to study at the University of British Columbia:

1. Faculty of Business and Economics (17 majors)
2. Faculty of Earth, Environment, and Sustainable Development (32 majors)
3. Faculty of Education (7 majors)
4. Faculty of Engineering and Technology (33 majors)
5. Faculty of Health and Pure Sciences (46 majors)
6. Faculty of History, Law, and Politics (20 majors)
7. Faculty of Language and Linguistics (17 majors)
8. Faculty of Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics (25 majors)
9. Faculty of Media and Fine Arts (22 departments)
10. Faculty of Humanities, Culture, and Society (37 majors)

Selection Timeline
December 1: UBC new student registration and scholarship application deadline
January 31st: Announcement of passing UBC English selection
January 31st: Start submitting all required documents for UBC admission
Mid-April: Announcement of college scholarship recipients

This is a review of the scholarships offered by the University of British Columbia, which is located in Canada. Let’s get ready to register.


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