War, Money and America’s Future

Why would an elite party risk a war we are not prepared to fight?

By Douglas Macgregor.

September 13, 2023

When Richard Nixon lost the election to John F. Kennedy, Nixon told his supporters: “I know Jack Kennedy. He is a patriot.” Nixon knew that his country would be safe in President Kennedy’s hands.

Most Americans do not share the same confidence in President Biden. IN THE April 2023 is less than four words in ten adults in the United States (37 percent) say they are positive about Joe Biden’s performance as president, and six in ten say they are negative about the president’s efforts. By a 2-to-1 margin, American voters now believe that it was more important to control America’s borders rather than helping Ukraine fight Russia. For the first time in 30 years, the U.S. govt interest payments on state debt the same as defense spending.

These revelations will shake any administration’s confidence in the White House, but there is still much for Washington and its NATO allies to consider. The State Department’s alleged efforts to freeze the conflict in Ukraine become rejected outright in Moscow, by all knowledgeable observers of the Russian state. In the absence of a frozen conflict, Washington does not know how to end the 600-day conflict.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration’s sanctions continue severe disorder Western collective. European economy sliding towards recession. The German economy, the largest in the eurozone, has stagnated for three consecutive quarters. In 2022, German automakers will produce almost 40 percent fewer cars than 10 years ago. So said one of Germany’s leading industrialists German deindustrialization started.

However, it was the proxy war between Washington and Moscow and its impact on the battlefield, coupled with the economic consequences, that shifted the balance of power in Moscow’s favor. According to open intelligence, casualties in Ukraine indicate that Ukrainian soldiers were killed at speeds comparable to or greater than experience from the First World War, then estimated at 1.7 million troops in the Russian army died from all causes during three years of fighting.

The art of war has always been influenced by technology, and Ukraine’s war against Russia is no exception. Ukrainian soldiers are brave, but Ukrainian forces, like US and NATO allied forces, are still organizing to fight another war like World War II. This situation is a recipe for defeat against a Russia’s military establishment is organized for 21st century warfare.

Today, Russian offensive weapons such as artillery, rockets, missiles and drones, coupled with constant aerial surveillance, in a tightly integrated air and missile defense, create conditions on the battlefield similar to those experienced by the German army in the final year of the World War II. . Since American and British-Canadian troops landed in Normandy, 5,000 American and British warplanes have been flying over Western Europe. it was impossible for German ground forces to maneuver. The entire German Air Force defended German cities from attacks by American and British bombers. Without cover or tactical air support, German formations could only move at night, and never during the day.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky displays good self-confidence, but he does not hide it declining popular support in Europe and the United States for Washington’s proxy war. He knew that NATO was in trouble. To be honest, this alliance was never designed to wage offensive warfare against anyone. With events in the Balkans during the 1990s, difficult developments seeking to transform NATO into an offensive instrument of America’s national security strategy began. However NATO troops do not prepared for advanced conventional warfare.

Predictably, voters voted Thirty-two NATO member countries have questioned this wisdom to outsource its national security and economic health to its own country and Washington’s globalist elite. However Europe must make a decision immediately will they sacrifice each country’s national sovereignty and economic health in the name of NATO, or suspend aid to the Zelensky regime and negotiate directly with Moscow. Total European contribution for proxy wars about $167 billiongreater than Washington’s contribution.

Facing a weak economy, higher yields and lower government bond priceshas the Biden administration and its partners on Capitol Hill, Washington «uniparty»There are basically two options: First, reduce American and allied losses in Ukraine, reduce discretionary spending, and focus on the domestic emergency on the southern border and in America’s largest cities. Or, second, the government and the party could escalate the conflict with Moscow.

The White House announced its intention to send Army Tactical Missile Systems with a range of 300 kilometers, the same as Germany Taurus cruise missile and other offensive weapons against Ukraine, apparently indicating Washington’s preference for escalation. But no weapons system can fundamentally change that fact Ukrainian troops are getting weaker for every day that passes.

The potential for confrontation with Russian military power is nowhere greater than in the Black Sea. But between September 11 and 15 Romanian, British, French and Turkish troops, together with American maritime patrol and Poseidon reconnaissance aircraft, diving engineers with boats and special equipment, will carry out Operation Sea Breeze 23.3, near the Danube Delta. Since commercial ships sail from the Black Sea to the Danube without Russian interference, it is not clear why exercises in the Danube Delta are necessary.

Unfortunately, pushing dangerous relationships to the brink of conflict is nothing new in American foreign and defense policy. After Desert Storm in 1991 and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, growing American power and influence exponentially. Allegedly Washington’s wishes were fulfilled “unmanaged room” with American military power insatiable. Washington was free for 30 years to intervene against US military forces whenever and wherever they wanted to build new powers “limit of uncertainty” in the Balkans, in Southwest Asia, in the Middle East or in North Africa.

Washington Uniparty (corporate oligarchs, public health authorities, mainstream media, social media, state institutions, academia, Hollywood, and various dubious international institutions such as the UN/WHO/WEF), are rapidly investing trillions of dollars to promote globalization with US military might . When the armed forces are called into action, a series of reigns invariably occurs ready to give up on things that are ineffective, even unsuccessful, military commander.

Wasteful defense spending, excessive military capabilities, and resistance to much-needed changes in force design and modernization now mean that these The US armed forces are no match modern, high-tech, and conventional warfare. The fighting in Ukraine shows that Washington can no longer ignore the influence of geography, culture and economics, all of which pose constraints on the use of US military power.

Era with abundance of wealth and unlimited defense spending nearing the end. How Washington responds to this reality will determine America’s future.

Douglas McGregor, colonel (retired) was a senior scholar at American Conservativeformer adviser to the Secretary of Defense in the Trump administration, a combat veteran and author of five books.

This article was first published by American Conservative:

War, Money, and America’s Future

Translated for steigan.no by Espen B. Øyulvstad

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