“We want to grow and support more athletes who need it” – Middle East Monitor

Immigrant communities, wherever they go, build their own institutions within the new society, be it cultural, sporting, or even economic ones, to help their members maintain their relationship with their home society and, on the other hand, provide them with opportunities to express their aspirations. them and develop their talents. It serves the interests of them and their original and new communities and helps them integrate into those communities quickly and easily.

In Canada, a group of Arab sports activists founded Canadian Arab Sports Association aimed at serving the Arab community first, without excluding Canadians, providing an opportunity for associates to express their skills and talents and develop them to the highest level. This is an example of something that Latin America lacks – the Arab-Latin Sports Association to serve the Arab community and give them the opportunity to express their talents and orientations, given that Latin American countries are famous for sports and become factories of football stars. .

Middle East Monitor interviewed the president Canadian Arab Sports AssociationSamer Kamal, to explain how the association works.

What is the purpose of the association?

A Canadian Arab Sports Association is an international non-profit organization that aims to support athletes living in Canada and abroad. It is a pioneer in social change with founders renowned for their track record of creating innovative programs that are sustainable and replicable.

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What types of activities does it offer?

Our program caters to Arab athletes who came to Canada as refugees in an effort to develop their life skills and help integrate them into the Canadian community.

Programs and activities Canadian Arab Sports Association aims to create opportunities, support, promote and ensure the representation of Arab and Canadian athletes in international sporting events.

Is the activity aimed at Arabs in Canada or the entire Canadian community?

We support Arab athletes around the world. But our events and activities are aimed at the Canadian community at large.

Does it maintain cooperative relations with Arab associations in other countries?

And, that’s what we do. From the great contacts and relationships I have personally and with the help of the executive board, we are able to connect with many sporting organizations around the world.

How many members of the association? What are the main sources of funding?

We have about 40 executive members, 11 directors and about 60 full members.

The main sources of funding are donations, membership dues and event revenues

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What about your association’s long-term goals?

We want to grow and support more athletes who need it. To also be the world’s leading organization in assisting athlete development

Do you have a goal to prepare a new generation to become future champions? Are you planning to have him represent Canada in international competitions or represent his home country?

We do not intend to lead any athlete’s participation in international events. We leave that to the federation and your club. But we are focused on being a supporting arm for athletes and sports organizations. Some athletes need guidance before they arrive at a major sporting event. THAT Canadian Arab Sports Association is to do everything possible to help athletes achieve their goals

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