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He left behind a legion of award-winning children in Conformation, Race, and Occupation

In addition to highlighting his inherent qualities as a breeder, Mister Par Three carries in his lineage the very important inbreeding (paternal and maternal grandfather) of the legendary Three Rods (TB) – 1989 AQHA Hall of Fame –, producer of Quarter Horses which is the basis of the world squad on three fronts. Among them are: Alamitos Bar, Bar Depth, Bar Money, Gay Bar King, Josie’s Bar, Lightning BarMr Bar None, Par Three, Royal Bar, St Bar, Steel Bar, Sugar Bar, Tonto Bars Gill, Triple Chick, e Zippo Pat Bar.

As his paternal grandfather, the following stood out among his grandchildren: Dock Bar, Amazing, Leo Bar Gems, Kaweah BarTonto Bar Hank, Zan Parr Bar, Zippo Pine Bar; and as the maternal grandfather of the phenomenon Ra Easy Jetsamong others.

Born in April 1974, Mister Par Three he was the son of Par Three and Garter Gal and landed in Brazil two years later, in June 1976, brought in by breeder José Carlos Delfim Miranda, the popular ‘Cacau’. He is the owner of Pruden Haras, in Presidente Prudente (SP), and was the first president of the National Association of Horses of Apartao (ANCA), which was founded on April 17, 1989, with headquarters in the city itself.

Great dad and grandpa

Carrying high genetic qualities in his pedigree, Mr Par Three has proven himself on the track, through countless children and grandchildren, being one of the most important examples of the Quarter Horse breed at all times, both in Race, Conformation and in Occupational tests. .

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At the Jaú, Ribeirão Preto and Avaré racetracks, the following are the flagship products: Lady Par PH, Pupilo SKR, Topsy’s Par PH, Wonder Par PH, Ketchum Par PH, Deck’s Par PH, Star Par PH, Escalada Par, Mister Par PH and Falling Stars.

According to ABQM records, he accumulated 697.5 points in the Breeders Ranking. Separately by modality, the figures obtained in Conformation add up to 258 points, taking 7th place among males. Among the most rated are: Coke Par PH, Skippy Par HF, Night Par, Miss Par Sis, Lady Queenpar PH, Shady Par PH, Wimpy Par PH, Top Three PH, Cashme Par PH, Top Parchick PH, Cherie Par PH, Delrey Pair PH and Marylin.

Regarding the Work test, the highlight is Apartao, with a total of 122.5 points, in only five children in the campaign, highlighting the champion Shady Par PH (Hall of Fame ABQM 2016), with 87 points, in addition to Pan Chick PH, Hiper Starpar PH, Top Chickpar PH and Cowboy’s Par PH.

Zigzagging from the Six Goals, their eight products scored 121.5 points. They are: Cherry Gal, with 72 points; Wonder Par GR, 22 points; Mr Paco Par, 13.5; besides Dusty Par PH, Aquarian Par Three, Mr Aya, Mr Threeblack ACP and Mr Bar Three.

At Três Drums, his seven sons completed 66 points. Among them are: Mr Paco Par, with 20 points; Cherry Gal, 17.5 points; Wonder Par GR, 15.5 points; and many more Dusty Par PH, Noche Par PH, Mr Aya and Mr Threeblack ACP.

Already running Vaquejada, his two products are responsible for a total of 85 points, with heavy emphasis on the award-winning Shelter Par, winning 76 points, alongside the Diamond Par Three, on 9 points.

Mr. Par Three also has several children who score in Reins; Double Tie; Western Pleasure; Five Drums; and Handling and Speed.

He died in June 2001, at the age of 27, and he also left a great legacy as a grandfather, as his 242 grandchildren amassed 2,583.25 points in the ABQM rankings. Among the men with the highest scores were the winners: Mariano Jack, with 291 points; Xingu HD, with 289.5 points; Par HC Emblem, 162.5 points; Don Conytop OD (84.5 points); Galante JH (71); Zanador PF (60); Barr Giorgio Rey and Three Bee, both have 53 points each. Among the women, the three who scored the most were: Ety Par C, with 132.5 points; Miss Complike HJF, scoring 90.5 points; and Didia DD, with 55.5 points.

By Abdalla Jorge Abib – journalist and graphic designer, with 45 years of experience and dedication to agriculture and Quarter Horse. He is the editor and producer of the official ABQM magazine for over 33 years
Email: [email protected] | Instagram: abdallajorgeabib | Facebook: abdallajorgeabib

Photo: Anielo Pernice (in memoran)

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