When his mother was still alive, Cut Memey didn’t have time to meet, his sister’s words touched him

Report from Wartakotalive.com journalist, Arie Puji Waluyo

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Actor Cut Memey feels so lost.

He could not hide his sadness when he delivered the body of his mother, Neng Fatimah, to the final resting place at the Malacca TPU, East Jakarta.

Cut Memey cried seeing his mother’s body buried and merged with the ground.

His mother is known to have died of lung cancer.

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After the funeral, Cut Memey seemed devastated by the departure of his mother forever.

“The last time we met was three years ago when I wanted to go to Canada,” said Cut Memey after his mother’s funeral at the Malacca TPU, East Jakarta, Tuesday (5/4/2022).

The 41-year-old woman admitted that she returned to Indonesia after receiving news that her mother was sick and had lung cancer.

Cut Memey was met after his mother’s funeral at the Malacca TPU, East Jakarta, Tuesday (5/4/2022). (Wartakotalive.com/ Arie Puji Waluyo)

“When I was told, the next day I flew to Indonesia. Until here Thursday (31/3/2022),” he said.

Cut Memey admitted that he did not bring his husband and children to Indonesia, because he only thought about his mother’s health.

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