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Nita Strauss, Britt Bowman, Leanne Bowes and Dani McGinley — Photo: Playback/Instagram

Demi Lovato’s performance at The Town festival, in São Paulo, will once again showcase the rocker side of the American singer who gave one of the best performances at Rock in Rio 2022.

Riffs, solos, intense drum lines should feature not only on newer hits, such as “29”, but also on older hits that make good rock versions, such as “Confident” and “Heart Attack”. On Friday (2) at The Town, the girls will take advantage of this moment to showcase their talents and vocation to heavy rock music.

Demi Lovato in The Town: see how it goes

Mainly responsible for the heavier rock flow of the show is guitarist Nita Strauss. She recently left rock icon Alice Cooper’s band to join Demi on this tour.

In her presentation, Nita or Storm Nita, as she is called, guarantees that her riffs, solos and distortions can make the audience thrill. And there’s still hair and face and mouth and he’s very comfortable on stage next to Demi.

In “Sorry, not sorry,” for example, Demi even provides a center stage so Nita can show off her talent. And he does it beautifully.

Much like in the rock version of “Cool for the Summer”, where, shoulder to shoulder with bassist Leanne Bowes, they played a bit of heavy metal at the start and then at the end, when Demi was no longer on stage.

Leanne, on the other hand, began her career in Canadian girl punk band Hunter Valentine, opening shows for names such as Cindy Lauper and Sum 41 and, in addition to Demi, also playing in Marina’s band (ex and The Diamonds).

In an interview, he said that he learned bass when his father, who was a drummer, asked him to help him with a project. For that, I had to learn the bass line of “So Lonely” by The Police.

Leanne was 12 years old at the time and fell in love with the sound of her instrument. He later learned to play all the CDs at home, such as Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails and Alice in Chains, his mother’s influence.

Demi Lovato in photos from her eighth career album, ‘Holly Fvck’ — Photo: Singer Reproductions/Twitter

Through the influence of her mother, Brittany Bowman, Britt Bowman, Demi’s drummer, “sold her soul to music,” as her biography puts it. He is 5 years old and listens to the radio in the car with his mother. Beatles is one of his favorite bands.

At the age of 10, he met Green Day and was involved in punk rock and took a liking to drums. When he was 15 years old, he was already playing in concert halls in Chicago, where he was born. At Demi’s shows, he exhibits dynamism and intense drumming.

Keyboard player Dani McGinley hails from London, England, and currently resides in Los Angeles. He started his career at a young age, with classical music and later with jazz. When he was 17, still in England, he began performing as a pianist and singer.

Dani has also supported performances by Charlie XCX, Zara Larsson, Marina and Shamir. While with Shamir, he opened for Troye Sivan, The Years & Years, and the tour that followed Duran Duran and Nile Rodgers & Chic.

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