Wilmann’s current “Krigsseileren” on “Get Out” – The reality is no better

TORONTO (Daily): Ine Marie Wilmann it will render properly again on screens and screens in the future. Before Christmas, he appeared in the Netflix film “Troll”. After that, he appeared in the classic film “The Guy and the Robber at Kardemomme by”. And then, in the new year, he returns in the third season of the audience magnet “Exit”.

But first he’ll be seen in the 100 million epic “Krigsseileren”, which will officially premiere during the Toronto festival.

– It’s a real palette that I feel very lucky to be playing around with, says Wilmann (37) about his busy day-to-day.

READY FOR THE PREMIERE: The movie “Krigsseileren” premieres on September 23. Ine Marie Wilmann played one of the main roles. Photo: Stian Servoss / More films
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– Every now and then I caught myself thinking: “I’m just playing crap in a world on fire.” Then came a few projects that feel very close to my heart. “Krigsseileren” is something like that, he added to Dagbladet on Lake Ontario.

He described it as “relevant, important and great to be involved with”.

– When many comment that “our story is finally unfolding”, you are reminded of the power of fiction. This can help and heal wounds that are not caused by politics, that are not caused by people, said Wilmann.

NEW SEASON: In the new year comes the third season of the series

NEW SEASON: In the new year comes the third season of the series “Get Out”. Photo: Freemantle/NRK.
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House war

Gunnar Vikene’s “War Sailor” depicts sailors trapped on the front lines when the Second World War breaks out. In the house sits a woman like Wilmann’s character, Cecilia. That is, he didn’t sit down: He — and thousands of people with him — stood and ran and worked and whipped.

Therein lies the charm, thinks mother of two Wilmann.

– When her husband got stuck at sea, all responsibility for the future fell on him, the 37-year-old woman said about her character.

– And it is a huge responsibility – for which so many women stand and stand. This is an almost uniformless war film – about ordinary people trying to defend their lives against all odds.

– Why were you invited to Toronto with it now? Are there not enough wars and misery in the world?

– I was very happy when we were invited. Because it gives the impression that we haven’t made a film about the war in Norway.

Wilmann fends off questions between skyscrapers.

– We have created a drama that shows the consequences of war and the trauma of war, which, unfortunately, is very topical, he continued.

– Your life falling to pieces is something people experience all the time, all over the world. The film is also accompanied by an acknowledgment of what the war sailors and their families have experienced. And that comes with an acknowledgment of what women have done and fought for. These are stories that are not told.

PARTY: “Exit” producer Petter Testmann-Koch shares details on footage of season 2’s big masquerade ball. Video: Rød Løper/NRK TV
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Free fall

It bears some similarities to the NRK “Get Out” phenom, except that he played against Pål Sverre Hagen. According to Wilmann, nobody from the cast or crew thought that the portrait of Oslo’s out-of-control financial environment would turn out so big.

– And that applies throughout Scandinavia, he explained.

– When I meet Danish colleagues, they say: “I really like that ‘Get Out’!”

EXIT: COOL AND HULT: In spring, Wilmann returns as Celine Bergvik in the hit series

EXIT: COOL AND HULT: In spring, Wilmann returns as Celine Bergvik in the hit series “Exit”. Photo: Freemantle/NRK
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– What does it say about modern Norway that this series is so popular?

– What I like is that we cast a quick glance at the part of Norway that is often hailed as “independent men”, and who somehow have to justify in such a lifestyle because they have earned the money. I think it’s cool that we succeeded with the satire. The reality is no better than in the series – quite the opposite.

– But do core fans understand that it’s satire?

– Well, I also met a lot of people who think it’s cool. They want to live that life. They want to join as extras, because they want to relate to and be like those people. Then I’ll be like this…

– “Which planet are you from?”

– Yes, too many series have shown how empty it is, how little humanity it has. But there’s something about the fact that these hedonists are above law and order, while at the same time looking glamorous and stylish. Anyway, at least my figure is in free fall. There are many downsides behind the glittering medals.

MAJOR KYSTFOLK MOVIE: Wilmann played the tried and tested Cecilia in the record-breaking war drama - at Kav Bergen.  Photo: Other Movies

MAJOR KYSTFOLK MOVIE: Wilmann played the tried and tested Cecilia in the record-breaking war drama – at Kav Bergen. Photo: Other Movies
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To a psychologist

Wilmann revealed that he went to a psychologist to get a better understanding of Celine Bergvik.

– I have a super psychologist friend that I often use to discuss my figure as a case. Before the first season, we saw how such a person works.

– What did he say about Celine?

– He talks about his experiences from such circles, about the difference between old and new wealth and what symptoms you see where. Even though it’s an extreme environment, there’s still a lot that can be distracted. And I’m trying to build a whole person, and have to maintain my figure — I can’t just mess that up.

– How many of you are in the picture?

– I actually met a lot of people who took a long time to realize that it was I who played “Exit”. I take that as a compliment. Those who know me think it’s nice to see me like that, because it’s so far from who I am.

– What can we expect from the third round?

Wilmann smiled slyly over the jet lag coffee.

– It won’t get any brighter. That’s all I can say.

Dialectical method

Wilmann graduated from the Theater Academy in 2011. All he had to do was enter, being recognized at the fourth attempt. He planned his acting career early.

– I decided when I was five years old, he chuckled.

– We played “Reveenka” in kindergarten. I still remember the feeling that my own reality stopped, and somehow I felt freer in the game than in life. It’s like you are in a separate place where anything can happen, where there are no boundaries.

BIGGER ROLE: Ine Marie Wilmann has also been the main character in films

BIGGER ROLE: Ine Marie Wilmann also played the lead in the film “Sonja” from 2018. Photo: Ole Berg-Rusten/NTB
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Prior to “Krigsseileren”, he must have used “all methods” to master the dialect jump. The Bærum Wilmann girl operated the Bergensk kav on and off the film set during preparation. Then director Vikene and producer Maria Ekerhovd, both from that side, were perfect for rehearsing.

– Mostly about not wanting to break the illusion. It would be devastating if the audience sat down and thought: “Something is wrong here,” he explained.

– After all, this story comes from Bergen. It was there that the submarines of the German fleet were located. And the whole starting point is the story about the coastal people – it’s very important.

Bombed school

– “Krigsseileren” is the most expensive Norwegian feature film ever. Does it bring extra pressure?

– I never felt that – and I mean this as a compliment – when we were recording. We still wear rubber boots in the windy house on Askøy, much like the student production. There’s something I like about Norwegians: You pee behind a bush and change in the shed.

COLLABORATION: Ine Marie Wilmann stars with Kristoffer Joner in the new film.  Photo: Roxana Reiss / Other Films

COLLABORATION: Ine Marie Wilmann stars with Kristoffer Joner in the new film. Photo: Roxana Reiss / Other Films
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– Will there be an anti-climax, after the Toronto virus, with the premiere in Norway on September 23?

– You see, we’ll be in Bergen, and I’ll be meeting Gunnar’s relatives who survived the Holen school bombing in Laksevåg. So being able to “come home” with that film felt great.

– Do you speak Bergen too?

– I think so. But then my husband got involved, and I tried to avoid him a little bit of that stuff.

LUXURY: The villa inhabited by character William from NRK’s ​​”Exit” series could be yours. Photo: Arne Schram/Inviso
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Wilmann – who, just in case, is shooting the second season of the suspenseful series “Furia” – grinned at the end of the Canadian-Indian summer.

– He had to endure a lot, bad things. But we’ve been together 18 years, so he’s been in on most of it.

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