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The narrator Cléber Machado, of Rede Globo, played in a curious moment in the transmission of the match between Belgium and Canada, this Wednesday (23), for the first round of group F of the 2022 World Cup.

Before the ball rolled, the journalist mimicked ‘Zebrinha do Fantástico’ live before asking commentators Ricardinho and Diego, ex-Flamengo, if the American team could surprise the Belgians in the duel.

“Anyone who has watched a bit of television in their life remembers Léo Batista, one of the greatest of all time and the sports lottery on Fantástico,” began Cléber, referring to the show from the 80s. “He said: ‘Game 1, Arabia 2 x 1 Argentina, second game, Germany 1 x 2 Japan’,” he added, citing the surprising results of the first round of the World Cup in Qatar.

“There she [zebra] he said, ‘Look at me there, zebra’. Today [23] there’s Belgium and Canada, does it sound like a zebra?” added the narrator, trying to convey the character’s characteristic voice. The “zebra” in football occurs when a team considered inferior displaces the favorite .

It didn’t take long for the scene to resonate on social media and amuse fans. “Cléber Machado imitating the zebra of the fantastic is priceless”, commented a user, on Twitter. “Cléber Machado imitated a zebra and Diego Ribas comments. I love you, World Cup,” added another.

“Cléber Machado opened the transmission by imitating the zebra that passed through the Fantástico goal in the 1980s. The man is like Ochoa, he only shows up in the Cup,” said a third internet user. “Cleber Tadeu Machado imitating a zebra at 3:43 p.m. on a Wednesday afternoon on open TV. Good, very good,” added another fan.

The narrator, however, has also been the target of criticism for having classified the Canadian team as underdogs in the event of a victory over Belgium. “Someone told Cleber Machado that Belgium never won anything and that losing can’t be considered a zebra, since Canada led Concacaf”, analyzes a football fan. “Am I the only one who doesn’t think Canada is a zebra the way they paint it? Cleber Machado treats them like they’re Gambia against Pele’s Brazil,” another compared.

Canada had the chance to open the scoring with a penalty, but Courtois caught Alphonso Davies’ kick. “Catch the zebra, catch the lion, catch the ball,” exclaimed the narrator, after the save made by the Belgian goalkeeper. (Folhapress)

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