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Diego “Brance” gives a talk in a ranking match in North America, hosting Worlds 2022. The LOUD shooter, CBLOL 2022 2nd Split champion and Brazil representative in the League of Legends World Championship, has stood out in the Champions Queue call – a special queue that brings players together best on North American servers.

Broadcast live to thousands of viewers on Twitch, Brance’s performance in the solo queue has caught the attention of some of the biggest names on the competitive scene, while of course raising the expectations of the Brazilian community for a LOUD debut on Worlds. 2022 this year. Thursday, against Beyond Gaming Taiwan, at 7 p.m. (Brazil time), and Detonation FocusMe Japan, at 10 p.m.

Brance in an interview with Riot Games before the final of the CBLOL 2022 2nd Split — Photo: Bruno Alvares/Riot Games

Start in the ranking queue

Arriving in Mexico City, the home of the entry stage for Worlds 2022, on September 20, Brance and his teammates wasted no time and began preparations in the LoL ranking queue in North America. Each player receives a special account from Riot Games, where the minimum link that must be achieved, regardless of the best out of ten (bd1) match results to determine the ranking, is Platinum IV.

As of Monday, the players had reached Masters, the third highest tier in LoL, with Brance having the highest quintet score – 343 League Points (LP). As a World Cup participant, LOUD has access to the Champion Queue. Since then the Brazilian sniper began to stand out to the world.

First match in Champions Queue

In the first round in the special rankings queue, Brance fell out with Canadian midfielder Joseph “jojopyun”, from North American team Evil Geniuses, one of the LOUD opponents at Worlds 2022. From Ashe, the 18-year-old had already arrived causing a pass through the opponent’s bot, but suffered for the first ten minutes of the game. After that, the Brazilian didn’t take his foot off the gas pedal, ending the game with a win around the 30th minute, with 15 kills, three deaths and 17 assists.

+”Training went well,” said Tinowns
+ Brance won the match against T1 players

Battle against CoreJJ and CBLOL video

Also in the Champions Queue, Brance played South Korean support Yong-in “CoreJJ”, from Team Liquid, in two matches. In both, the shooters played Kai’sa, while the 2017 world champions for the Samsung Galaxy chose Thresh in the first game and Sett in the second. In both, France was defeated.

Later, the South Korean player showed admiration for the Brazilian’s performance and, besides, he started watching the video of CBLOL 2022 2nd Split. Apart from him, Eugene “Pobelter” from North America also watched the Brazilian league match. Recently, CoreJJ placed LOUD as one of the teams that could give a surprise in the entry phase of Worlds 2022.

Brance has also entertained streamers, who have gathered thousands of viewers, by communicating in English with teammates in the Champions Queue. Whether for dedication in communicating with foreigners, or for slipping in certain phrases, Brazilians are guaranteed entertainment.

Impact on society

During the week, Brance went down with several other players who would compete for Worlds 2022, including top T1 fighter Woo-je “Zeuz”. In this early Wednesday’s match, the Brazilian player killed, alone, a South Korean citizen with the character Kalista, for the joy of the people who accompanied the live.

Cloud9 Athlete Praise

In a post on Twitter, top Australian Ibrahim “Fudge”, from Cloud9 North America, praised the LOUD team, a training partner in the World. The champions LCS, the North American league, said that the Brazilian team was the best that Cloud9 had ever coached, driving the community crazy on the eve of the Brazilian’s debut in the early stages.

See the reaction below:

Fudge even interacts with other LOUD players in the publication.

Another curiosity is that Australians only follow five people on social networks. Among them are Brance and Leonardo “Robo”, over LOUD.

According to the Champions Queue website, Brance is among the top 30 players in the special queue, in 26th place and with 2,039 LP.

In conventional rankings, players are on the Master link, with 415 LP, with 48 wins and 26 losses. A total of 11 winners were selected, with the most played being Miss Fortune, Kai’sa and Ashe.

Data Brance in the North American ranking queue — Photo: Reproduction/

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