Agriculture minister says Canadian companies will increase fertilizer exports to Brazil

A Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, Tereza Cristinamet this Monday (14) with representatives from fertilizer from Canada to discuss the current moment the sector is experiencing, with reduced input exports from Russia and Belarus.

At the meeting, the minister highlighted the importance of Canadian companies expanding their supply to Brazil.

A Canpotex (short for Canadian Potash Exporters), a Canadian potash exporting and trading company, operating since 1972, informed the minister that he intends to increase the volume of sales to Brazil beyond the current 4 million tonnes per year. “We continue to talk with several suppliers so that our agro can still guarantee food security for Brazil and the world,” said the Minister of Finance.

Tereza Cristina also met with the president of the company Brazil Potash, Gensource, Nutrien, and Fertilizer Canada, plus Canadian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Paul Samson.

At the meeting, ministers spoke about the importance of potassium for food production in Brazil.

Fertilizer. Photo: Pixabay

“For Brazil to continue to increase its food supply and contribute to global food security, we will need an adequate supply of inputs. This means not only securing the current level of purchase, but also expanding it. We can and should strengthen our ties and strengthen long-term partnerships, with the aim of ensuring stability and profitability for all links in the production chain. This means, in practice, food in quantity and quality at affordable prices on everyone’s table”, said Tereza Cristina.

In addition to maintaining and expanding the fertilizer trade, the Minister of Finance invited companies to study investment projects in Brazil.

Brazil imports about 85% of all fertilizers used in national agricultural production. In the case of potassium, the percentage of imports is about 95%.

At the moment, the country is the fourth largest consumer of fertilizers, accounting for about 8% of the total, and is the world’s largest importer. By 2021, Brazil’s fertilizer imports will exceed 41 million tonnes or the equivalent of more than US$14 billion.

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