Lula corrected Bolsonaro’s mistake and returned Brazil to the world

This Tuesday (24), Brazil will again participate in the CELAC Summit (Community of United Latin American and Caribbean States) after the former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) removed the country from the summit.

In the opinion of the columnist UOL Kennedy Alencarcurrent president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT), putting Brazil back in the world.

Brazil’s return to Celac means correcting a mistake by Bolsonaro, who withdrew Brazil from Celac in January 2020 because Celac has the presence of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua. It ends Brazil’s isolation in the world and particularly in Latin America.”
Kennedy Alencar

Celac is in its seventh edition and was inaugurated in 2011, in Chile, to serve as a Latin American and Caribbean discussion forum that will be independent of the influence of the United States and Canada. For Kennedy, this return helped Brazil in discussing treaties with countries on other continents and with the United States.

“Brazil’s return to CELAC allows Brazil to return to being a leader in Latin America and the Caribbean, something Bolsonaro left behind. (…) Brazil is leaving isolation and gaining an important platform for integrating Latin America and important for the interests that Brazil has to discuss with the European Union, with the United States, and with China itself.”

Relations with Argentina. During News Analysis, Kennedy also pointed out that the bilateral meeting between Lula and the Argentine president, Alberto Fernandéz, continued the relationship with Argentina that had been dormant during Bolsonaro’s administration. There are discussions about creating a new currency for bilateral trade and also the possibility that Brazil will finance the work in Argentina.

Payment system. Kennedy also stated that there was discussion of a financial payment system in which Argentina guaranteed payments to Brazil. “If the Bank of Brazil finances exports from Argentina to Brazil, Argentina has these funds to guarantee that the contract is paid. If BNDES provides the financing, there are real guarantees to support this contract so there is no default”.

Bolsonaro’s company card data must be investigated responsibly, journalists say

While participating in News Analysis journalist Katia Brembatti, editor of Estadão Verify, criticized Bolsonaro for making a speech that he did not use the presidential corporate card, even though the invoice was obtained through a request for information made by data agency Sejam Sabendo, specifically the LAI (Access for Information Act), showing that it was used illegally. wide.

Brembetti explained that the corporate card works for urgent expenses as well as for use on trips, and stated that the rules for its use should be clearer.

There have been allegations that the former president also used the card to promote election campaign actions, which are illegal, but journalists have called for caution in the accusations. Investigate, but be responsible because you can’t leave things that are not true,” he said.


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