The legislature granted a loan to the PMU to line 140 km of Jornal da Manhã public roads

Resources shall be applied compulsorily within the scope of the Public Road Resurfacing and Drainage Program (Photo/Disclosure)

Uberaba City Council (CMU), approved Bill (PL) 493/2022, which authorized the Executive Branch to contract credit operations with Caixa Econômica Federal, amounting to R$87,327,547.71, included in the Infrastructure and Sanitation Financing program (Completed).

According to the PL, funds from credit operations must be applied compulsorily within the scope of the Public Road Coating and Drainage Program.

The technical opinion presented by the Department of Urban Services and Employment (Sseurb), informs that Uberaba owns 1,600 km of paved roads, of which an estimated 500 km are in need of rejuvenation and, of which, about 250 km are subject to urgent intervention.

In the message sent by the Executor to CMU, it was confirmed that out of 250 km, PL 493 intends to use the resources analyzed to replant 140 km of public road paving, due to the current state of degradation. The remaining 110 km will also be rejuvenated using its own resources, equivalent to R$57 million, to meet residents’ needs in terms of movement of people and vehicles.

Sesurb informed that the environment meant by paving rejuvenation were: Alfredo Freire; Dawn; Antonia Candida; the Lodes neighborhood; hummingbird; Cássio Rezende/Guanabara; Chica Ferreira; Deolinda Freire; Deolinda Laura; Eldorado; Elza Amui; United States of America; Fabricio; Monk Eugene; Gameleira; Canadian Parks; Jardim Espírito Santo; Emperor’s Garden; Josa Bernardino; José Barbosa; Leblon; Manoel Mendes; Maracana; Sun’s Residence; Abode du Park; Morumbi; Olinda; Ozanan; American Gardens; São Geraldo Park; Peiropolis; Plateau; On time; High Bridge; Quinta da Boa Esperanca; Bandeirantes Recreation; United States housing; Santa Claus; St. Benedict; Saint Christopher; San Sebastian; Serra Dorada; Umuarama; Villa Celeste; Military Village; Olympic Village.

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