Brazilian boxing secures twelve podiums at Continental of the Americas in Ecuador – Portal Rondon

Three more Brazilian players confirmed their presence in the semifinals of the Americas Championships. Overall, Brazil has reached twelve podiums out of a possible 17 in the competition held in Guayaquil, Ecuador. We have a total of eleven Brazilian players in the Continental semifinals. Since there is no dispute in boxing for third place, we have 12 guaranteed podiums.

The competition returns this Tuesday (29) with eleven more Brazilians in the semifinals.




  • Rebeca Lima (63kg) faces Valencia Valentina, of Ecuador.
  • Keno Marley (86kg) against Andres Caicedo, from Ecuador.
  • Luiz Oliveira (57kg) faces Segundo Padilla, of Ecuador.
  • Ramon Batagello (+92kg) will face Shaqueir Jamar, two USA.
  • Beatriz Ferreira (60kg) will face Narielys Tapia, from Puerto Rico.


  • Wanderson Oliveira (67kg) faces Colombia’s Yeferson Belalcazar.
  • Beatriz Soares (66kg) will face Charlie Cavanagh of Canada.
  • Bárbara Santos (70kg) faces Maria Hernandez, of the Dominican Republic.
  • Isaias Filho (80kg) faces Emmanuel Kevin, of Canada.
  • Jhonatan Conceição (71kg) will play Jose Rodriguez, from Ecuador.
  • Abner Teixeira (+92kg) will face Joshua Timoty, of the United States.


  • Abner Teixeira (+92kg) beat Juan Monsalve, of Colombia, on Wednesday in the semifinals against American Joshua Edwards.
  • Isaias Filho (80kg) faces Mexico’s Irani Arriaga. Absolute victory for Brazil, who advance to the semifinals and face Canada’s Emmanuel Kevin on Wednesday.
  • Jhonatan Conceição (71kg) had an excellent fight against Eduardo Chambers, from Panama, he won unanimously and in the semifinals he faced home athlete José Rodriguez, on Wednesday.
  • Viviane Pereira (75kg) was surpassed by the experienced Atheyna Bylon, from Panama, who came from two Olympic cycles and currently dominates the category in America. Despite losing, Viviane guaranteed Bronze for Brazil, as the match was legitimate for the semifinals.
  • Ronald Ribeiro (54kg), just 19 years old, crossed paths with veteran Jabali Breedy, from Barbados, and had a tough fight. At the end of the third round, which began to be even, the Brazilian took a heavy blow and fell to the ground. Ronald is still getting up and going back to war, but his defeat is already decided.
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