Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked Taylor Swift to visit

FANS: Justin Trudeau (y) likes pop artist Taylor Swift.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 51, lured Taylor Swift, 33, with his own song in hopes of bringing the star to Canada.


Taylor Swift embarked on an extensive tour with The Eras Tour, and on Wednesday America’s queen of pop announced that she was expanding her tour with an additional 14 shows.

He has announced additional concerts in Sweden, and elsewhere.

But not everyone gets a visit. Norway is not on the poster. Neither can Canada.

Now the Prime Minister of Canada is trying to seduce Swift.

– Hey, it’s me

Under a pop star Twitter post on Wednesdayin which he expressed great joy at building his tour, Justin Trudeau wrote “Here I am, hi” – using one of Swift’s own verses from the hit “Anti Hero”.

He continued:

«I know places in Canada you’d like to visit.” So don’t create another “cruel summer.”“, he wrote.

“Cruel Summer” is also one of Swift’s songs, and can be translated in Norwegian as “kjip sommer”.

Trudeau ended by saying he was “looking forward to meeting him soon”.

HEARTBREAK: Justin Trudeau posted this below Swift’s Twitter posts.

The Prime Minister’s tweet caused a stir, but Swift had a chance to comment.

Swift has been to Europe several times before, but has never visited Sweden, which is the only Scandinavian country she is stopping by with “The Eras Tour”, May 17 and 18 next year. Tickets go on sale July 11.

The European tour begins in Paris on May 9 and ends in London on August 17.

Swift was originally supposed to visit Norway in 2020, but nothing came of it due to the pandemic.

New old album

On Friday, the 33-year-old performer will release a new album, or rather a remake of his “Speak Now” album from 2010.

The new release is part of the “Taylor’s Version” series, in which Swift takes her own music back from the record company.

He has also confirmed that the album will also contain six completely new songs.


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