How a Billion Dollar Offer Will Make Chelsea The Most Expensive Sports Team Of All Time

Chelsea was put up for sale by Roman Abramovich and has attracted a lot of interest. Billionaire business value can break records

Last Friday (18), the deadline for interested parties to make a proposal to buy Chelsea. Several flags made (see here the main one), and now the process is in hand Raine Groupthe bank responsible for analyzing the bids and forming a committee to select the best three or four.

When the Russian tycoon Roman Abramovich Putting the London club up for sale, after the British government sanctioned him for allegedly having ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the businessman hopes to earn between £3.5 billion and £4 billion, or Rs.22.31 billion to R$25.5 billion.

However, over time, the first offers that came in ranged from £2 billion to £2.7 billion, or R$12.75 billion to R$17.21 billion.

Based on The Athletic . websitehowever, the winning proposal is expected to reach nearly 3 billion pounds (R$ 19.12 billion), an amount that will please everyone involved in the story and allow for a speedy completion of the sales process (since blue are going through a very difficult economic moment because they have blocked sources of income).

If that really happened, Chelsea would be the most expensive sports team of all time, whatever the sport.

To date, the largest transaction of its kind occurred in 2019, when Canada Joseph Tsai buy Brooklyn Netsgive NBAin a match negotiation that also involves the team house (the Barclays Center in New York).

At that time, Tsai, who was the co-founder and vice president of the giant Alibaba e-commerce, paid $3.35 billion, or £2.5 billion, for the basketball franchise. In the current conversion, the value is close to R$ 16 billion.

The Nets transaction broke the previous record, which was in the $2 billion range and belonged to New York Metsgive MLBto Houston Rocketsfrom the NBA, and to Carolina Panthersgive NFL.

Taking into account only football clubs, the most expensive purchase of all time is Manchester Unitedcarried out through a gradual purchase of shares by the Glazer family, between 2003 and 2005.

In total, the amount disbursed by America was 790 million pounds (R$ 5.035 billion, at current prices).

Keep in mind, however, that Chelsea can be “tied up” with other teams as the most expensive in the world.

What show at the beginning of the monthO Denver Broncos, one of the most traditional teams in the NFL, is also for sale and awaiting proposals. The assessment is that the franchise is of equal value to the Blues, which could lead to a “tie” in the event of an immediate sale.

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