Nortada craft beer to be exported to Cape Verde

The Cerveja Nortada brand, the leader of the Portuguese artisanal movement, will have another world export port, namely Cape Verde. After Switzerland, France and Canada, the brand is taking a big step in accelerating the process of brand growth and expansion, which intends to become more international over the next few years.

Pedro Mota, CEO of Fábrica de Cervejas Portuense, revealed that “Fábrica de Cervejas Portuense and Cerveja Nortada see as part of their mission the growth and advancement of the brewing sector in Portugal but also beyond, increasingly enabling access to overseas markets. We see Nortada’s internationalization to other countries as an important lever to drive the growth of the brand, which is privileged to be the first partner on the African continent. At MB – Garrafeira, we have partners who share the taste of great beer and who want to bring quality Portuguese beer to all residents of Cape Verde.”

Meanwhile, Mário Mariano, Manager of MB – Garrafeira, explained that “Nortada is an ideal partner and allows us to provide in Cape Verde a wide range of artisanal products that open a new cycle of growth and consolidation in this PALOP country. . ”, concluded that “with great honor and satisfaction we mark this event”.

Currently, Cerveja Nortada produces several types of beer, with a total of seven, which are served in barrels and in bottles, available in more than 250 points of sale of the HoReCa channel (Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes) and in hypermarket groups, such as Auchan, Continente, Froiz. and El Corte England. The production of all Nortada Beers is carried out in the city of Porto, in a space that, apart from being a production unit, serves as a restaurant space where anyone can try the brand’s beers while observing the production, also taking advantage of the dynamic of frequent releases with the regular creation of limited edition beers.

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