Weather in the US and Canada warns of -50 degrees

HI The northern state of Maine, United States, in particular, could have temperatures tonight and beyond minus 51ºC (degrees celsius), according to a National Weather Service (NWS) bulletin for the region of Caribou, a city north of Maine and not far from the Canadian border.

“This is an epic arctic cold snap,” not seen on the scale of a generation, especially “something north and east Maine haven’t experienced since 1982 and 1988,” the NWS noted.

In parts of the Northeast, and parts of New England, temperatures below the icy winds “could reach their lowest levels in decades, if not record lows,” the NWS warned.

On the other side of the border, a polar cold warning was issued for eastern Canada, according to the Ministry of the Environment, which warned of a risk of frost within minutes.

In Montreal on Friday afternoon it was -41ºC. Mercury can drop to -50°C in northern Quebec. White smoke, called “Arctic sea smoke”, billows over St. Petersburg. Lawrence because of the very cold weather that passed through the unfrozen water.

A strong gust of wind lashed passers-by in downtown Montreal on a sunny Friday.

Power company “Hydro-Quebec” is braced for a historic low for tonight and next and is urging customers to save energy.

In the capital, Ottawa, organizations such as the Salvation Army have distributed high-mountain sleeping bags to homeless people without shelter, to withstand temperatures as low as -40ºC.

Dog owners are advised to keep the dog in a warm place.

In the city, visibility was nearly zero Thursday night due to snowfall and high winds.

The worst cold and windy weather in the United States is expected tonight in cities like Boston and New York, further south, where temperatures can reach -15ºC.

The temperature is expected to increase on Sunday.

Rain, snow, storms, arctic cold, and humid heat: The northeastern United States experiences extreme weather events year-round, with fatalities and property damage.

Recently, during the Christmas weekend of 2022, a blizzard hit the city of Buffalo in upstate New York, killing dozens of people.

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