Canadian PM insinuates using Adolf Hitler memes, Elon Musk is publicly criticized

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Boss SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Muskfor the umpteenth time getting into trouble because of his tweet. This time he was publicly under fire for offending Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and comparing him to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In the teaser, he uploads a kind of meme image in the form of a photo of Hitler and embeds the words ‘Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau’ on the image.

The image then spread quickly and sparked a variety of responses that were dominated by criticism. Musk is known to have deleted the tweet in question.

“Using the image of Adolf Hitler and exploiting the tragedy of the people who suffered, humiliated, tortured, and killed by the totalitarian regime of Nazi Germany is deplorable and disturbing,” the Auschwitz Museum wrote, as quoted by the statement. Futurism.

“It disrespects the memory of all the victims and hurts a lot of people.”

Reported from SecurityMusk tweeted Hitler in response to an order by Canadian authorities for banks to block donations of crypto assets to anti-vaccine groups.

This move seems to reinforce Musk’s position as an anti-vaccine group. Musk has been an outspoken supporter of far-right truck drivers shutting down much of Canada’s transport infrastructure in protest against this year’s vaccine mandate. Musk is also known to have been an opponent of vaccines long before that.

Furthermore, other observers pointed out that this decried tweet is not the first time Musk has implicated Hitler.

The entrepreneur who is successful with the space business and electric cars is indeed known for his ‘strangeness’ which often reaps public questions. Some of them may just confuse the public, but others (like this case) can draw criticism.

Musk’s behavior, which often sparks debate, has even made some shareholders in Musk’s company begin to question whether his technical abilities are commensurate with his ‘social acrobatics’ behavior.

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