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The Bank of Canada sent a 134-page document with blank pages in response.

PLASTIC SILVER: The new dollar bills in Canada have a tendency to melt, it is claimed.

At the end of 2011, Canada’s central bank launched new dollar notes made of polymer, which are supposed to be harder to counterfeit and last longer than paper notes.

Just two months later, Mona Billard and her son Nicolas from the city of Cambridge in the Canadian province of Ontario found that the brand new banknotes were melting, writes the local newspaper. Cambridge time.

According to Billard, the son had kept the Christmas bonus in a tin box, placed near a radiator.

MELTED: This is what the new Canadian $100 bills looked like after being in a tin can near a heater.

– Background in hot cars

When the damaged money was discovered, she sent it to the central bank for examination in hopes of having the money replaced.

– It took me six months to get the money back. I had to hustle and hustle, adds Billard national post.

There have been several unconfirmed reports of similar cases of melted banknotes, including a bank employee who claimed several banknotes melted together in a hot car.

– Must withstand harsh weather conditions

The central bank, on the other hand, denies that the new notes can melt.

– We found no evidence that the bank’s polymer banknotes are affected by heat, as claimed in the media. All notes can be destroyed, but Canadian banknotes are designed to withstand the weather, spokeswoman Julie Girard told the newspaper.

The central bank has printed 175 million $50 and $100 notes and also plans to produce $5, $10 and $20 notes next year. The banknotes had to undergo rigorous testing before launch, they claim.

134 pages of blank documents

When the Canadian news agency The Canadian Press requested access to the bank’s procedures regarding the melted banknotes, it was sent 134 pages of internal documents.

Most of the sentences in the documents were crossed out, allegedly related to national security, writes the National Post.

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