CVC Corp hosts a meeting with suppliers in Cancún

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The business meeting promoted by CVC Corp brought together 80 suppliers in Cancún

This week, CVC Corp held a business meeting in Cancun, Mexico, one of the most popular international destinations for corporate clients. During this event, the operator’s Negotiation and Product teams brought together more than 80 suppliers, including hoteliers, receptionists and local service providers, strategic for the positioning of the company’s portfolio in the destination.

The main objective of the initiative was to talk about the moment of the company and to present the factory of HVAC Corp products, so that the best strategies can be developed to strengthen the sales of the destination. The event was attended by Vivian Amaral, Caribbean Negotiations Manager of CVC Corp, who commented on the importance of the region to tourism and business.

“Cancún is one of the favorite places for Brazilians, with many options for hotels, tours and the look that only the Caribbean offers. This approach to our suppliers is constant and helps us to understand the main business opportunities, to offer the best to our customers, whether they are B2C or B2B”, specifies the manager.


Vivian Amaral, Caribbean Sales Manager at CVC Corp, center, led the event

Vivian Amaral, Caribbean Sales Manager at CVC Corp, center, led the event

For passengers interested in visiting the destination, it should be noted that since mid-2022 the Mexican government requires a visa for Brazilians. However, for those who have European citizenship, an American, Canadian and/or Japanese visa, the document to enter Mexican territory is not necessary.

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