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‘Pedophile hunters’ arrested in Canada

Canadian police have arrested six people belonging to a group of self-proclaimed “pedophilia hunters” and accused them, among other things, of distributing abusive material.

The arrests take place in connection with the Quebec police investigating the activities of the group, write The Guardian. They describe the group’s methods as controversial.

Five of those arrested are in their mid-20s. They are accused of disseminating offensive material, harassment, threatening behavior and deprivation of liberty. A man in his 40s is charged with harassment, threatening behavior and deprivation of liberty.

Gatineau city police say members of the group, in their so-called hunt, are filming encounters with suspected pedophiles after contacting them online. The images are then shared on social networks.

In order to attract suspected pedophiles, the group shares sexually explicit images that have been manipulated so that the people depicted appear to be minors.

– There was an exchange of photos in online conversations. The law says when you share an explicit pornographic image and claim it’s about a minor, even if it’s not true, then it’s abuse material, a spokesperson said. the police.

Quebec police have been trying for more than a decade to get so-called pedophile hunters to stop their activities. None of the people who were targeted by those now arrested have been charged with anything.

– It is not legal for people to take justice into their own hands, even if they are victims of a crime, regardless of the type of crime, police said in a statement. (HAVE)

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