Postnord sent layoff notices to employees

Postnord sent layoff notices to employees

The LO and YS general strike is in full swing and due to the ongoing strike, several companies have had to send layoff notices to their employees.

Haakon press officer Nikolai Olsen of Postnord confirms to TV 2 that the company has sent layoff notices to all employees, with a few exceptions.

The company’s core business will thus be totally impacted, and all individual and business customers will be impacted, he explains.

– The scope of the notified dismissal is so large that it is not possible to properly manage the other functions of the company while the strike is in progress, says Olsen.

“LO/YS announced layoffs (strike) in 15 of PostNord’s 18 terminal departments effective from the start of working hours on Friday, April 21, if LO and NHO did not reach an agreement,” Postnord wrote in an e-mail. e-mail to TV 2.

Should the business be further affected by the strike, following an escalation on Friday, Postnord will advise recipients, businesses and individuals on how to handle undelivered packages.

The information will be permanently published on the company’s website websites.

It was The online newspaper who first brought up the subject.

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