Cinemateca has a program of 30 films and three exhibitions in March

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Space will put on a show with completely free programming. Photo: Cido Marques/SMCS

Cinemateca de Curitiba has a schedule of three shows and about 30 films in March, all with free admission. The main highlight is the weekends, which feature the third edition of Mostra de Cinemas do Brasil, Mostra de Filmes da Francophonie, Cineclube do Atalante and, on the last week of each month, a show celebrating the capital’s birthday.

The first attraction is the premiere of the documentary film O Legado do Pirata Zulmiro (2022), Wednesday (9/3), at 19.00. On Thursday (10), the 3rd Mostra de Cinemas do Brasil takes place, which will continue throughout next weekend. With the theme Memorabilia dos Cinemas de Rua, the show features a selection of 31 Brazilian short films, grouped into eight thematic sessions, always showing from 7pm.


The following weekend, it was the turn of the Francophonie Film Festival, with the screening of three Canadian productions from the French-speaking province of Quebec. The films are: Intimite Francophones D’eux (19/3); Language is a Form of Love (20/3) and Mary (20/3). After the exhibition, there will be a chat with the professor from Aliança Francesa Curitiba.

Also on the 19th, at 3pm, the film Portal do Paraíso (1980), part of the Atalante Cineclube, will be shown.

capital’s birthday

Towards the end of the month, in celebration of the city’s 329th anniversary, Cinemateca will hold a small exhibition on March 26 and 27, with two films: the short film Em Busca da Curitiba Perdida (2008) and the documentary Belarmino e Gabriela (2003). On the last day of the month, 31, the short documentary A Pandemia em Curitiba (2021) will be shown.


Brazilian Film Festival

The Cinemas do Brasil show is in its third edition and will be held at the Cinemateca de Curitiba starting Thursday (10), ending on Sunday (13). Starting at 7pm, each day the show will have two sessions of short films, each with a theme, but always related to the issue’s biggest theme, Memorabilia dos Cinemas de Rua.


Curitiba Cinema
Address: Rua Presidente Carlos Cavalcanti, 1174 – San Francisco
All programming with free entry

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