Getting to know International Mathematics Day which is celebrated every March 14

International Mathematics Day was established at UNESCO’s 40th General Conference

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – There are many days of celebration around the world. But did you know there is International Mathematics Day which falls on March 14th? March 14 was designated as International Mathematics Day at UNESCO’s 40th General Conference in November 2019.

Previously in many countries, March 14 was observed as Phi Day. Phi is one of the most popular mathematical constants at 3.14. Phi day then takes the number of the constant so that the celebration is held on the 14th of month 3.

International Mathematics Day was first celebrated on March 14, 2020, with the theme Math is Everywhere. Then in 2021, the theme raised is Math for a Better World. This year, International Mathematics Day is celebrated with the theme Unity Mathematicsproposed by Yuliya Nesterova, a graduate student from the University of Ottawa Canada.

Organized by the International Mathematical Union, this year’s International Mathematics Day is celebrated in more than 90 countries virtually and face-to-face, including celebrations in the classroom. The specialty of celebrating International Mathematics Day this year is the Mathematics Unites Photo Challenge. More than 3,270 participants consisting of individuals, schools, and organizations have submitted photos on the page depicting Unity Mathematics.

Referring to the official UNESCO website, International Mathematics Day aims to show the basic role it plays math in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN) and strengthen two UNESCO priorities, namely Africa and gender equality. Meanwhile, quoting from the official website of the International Days of Mathematics, the celebration is expected to provide benefits for students, teachers, women and girls, as well as the general public in order to increase understanding of the importance of mathematics in education.

Then, emphasizing the importance of mathematics as the seed of technological breakthroughs and community management, highlighting the role of mathematics in the organization of modern society including economic, financial, health, transportation, and telecommunication systems in human welfare efforts, as well as combating disasters to epidemics. In addition, International Mathematics Day is also expected to contribute to capacity building in mathematics and scientific education with a special focus on girls and children from developing countries, as well as achieving gender equality and empowering women in mathematics.

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