Google Pay: Store, pay and manage

Google Pay is a safe, easy and efficient way to manage your money, and gives you a clear picture of your spending and savings:
– Pay at your favorite place
Send and receive money immediately
– Receive rewards for daily payments
– Understand your expenses and improve your financial health

Make payments quickly and easily

Send and receive money
+ Easily transfer money safely to friends and family
+ Create teams to send and receive money for travel, dinner, bills, rent and more. Google Pay helps you know who should do what.
+ Transfer money with Google Pay balance instant and free. There is no charge for withdrawing money using ACH

Your shared fee will be in the group
+ If you send money via Google Pay, it will be between you and your friends. Only those involved in the transaction will see it.

Pay without contact
+ Pay by phone in places where contactless payments are accepted. Open and hold the reader.

Stay connected with your favorite companies and discover new ones
+ See companies using Google Pay when you open the app. Get instant access to activate deals, loyalty cards and offers.

Find the nearest restaurant and order food
+ You don’t have to switch between different delivery apps. Browse restaurants, view menus and order food to be picked up or delivered on multiple trays.

Fuel for your next adventure
+ Find the nearest gas station, check prices and pay for fuel right out of the box.

Bring your phone for a ride
+ Contactless charges are available for transit trips. Add a passport or insert a card and use your phone to drive.

Buy online
+ Use Google Pay to pay quickly and securely when shopping on websites and apps.

Organize and understand your money

Manage your money
+ View the total balances of all your eligible accounts in one payment app, so you can always know what’s coming and what’s happening.
+ Receive reminders of upcoming bill payments.

Be superior in your consumption
+ Get weekly summaries, track trends over time, and see what you’re spending on each business.

All your transactions together
+ With your permission, you can view the activity of the accounts you have connected. Import receipts from Gmail and Google Photos, then search for some of them.

Save your money and grow

Get gifts you can use now
+ Earn cashback for things like making payments and referrals to friends. Any money you receive will go straight to your balance so you can use it right away.

Double cashback
+ Whether you use Google Pay or your plastic card, activate offers and receive cash back for receiving them. Even better: When you redeem for a cashback credit card, you get double rewards.

Faith is easy
+ No more registration forms or hole cards. Easily sign up for loyalty packages and rewards from the app and let Google Pay automatically use up points and offers.

Safe with Google

Approval for every fee
+ Use fingerprint, pattern, back or face to verify your identity every time you open the app or make a payment – you can only pay or send money

Keep your personal information safe
+ Try a more personalized experience to see the most relevant offers from the store and get advice on how to save. Turn it on or off at any time.
+ Manage and control other privacy settings such as customize and sync contacts from location options and settings

Your card is encrypted
+ When you make a cashless payment with your Android phone, Google Pay shares a unique virtual account number with your business instead of your real card number, so your payment information is safe.

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